In General Athens, the European Court of Justice has been charged for a final decision. The question is: whether to approve the application by Greek football clubs for a Super League to run in front of UEFA and ECA.

In the beginning look, the Greek plea reinforces the existing system in football due to the fact that it recognizes the unique functions of sport.
That was expected.
That does not say anything about whether this is in favor of the UEFA or a possible Super League.
This will only reveal a judgment of the Great Chamber of the ECG in the spring, which often follows the recommendations of the General Advocate.
The UEFA sees an encouraging action to keep the existing dynamic and democratic leadership structure of European football pyramid.
Her partner in the battle against the Super League, the club association ECA under the chairmanship of Qatar Nasser Al-Khelaifi, speaks of clear rejection of the efforts of a few to weaken the fundamentals and the historic heritage of European football for numerous.
Is that really emerging from the plea?

door and gate for grievances is open

Rather, Santos sees a limitation of competition in the existing system.
To date, there has actually been no lead to the declarations of the ECG in view of the objectives and unique functions of sport.
Rather, Santos wrote to the associations in the research concern that they need to set up an approval procedure for competing competitors that is not arbitrary.
This would open the door and gate for problems.
The cheering of the UEFA is so early.