On Sunday, the final Alpine stage of the Tour de Ski started in Agreed in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. It was a very tough day with a close finish: Stella Hold Agreed (NOR) won in front of Title Shasta Christiansen and Johannes Thingies BO (NOR). Benedict Doll (GER) could not use his starting position and came fourth.

The German biathletes disappointed at the World Cup in Le Grand-Bornand in French.
Sprint third Benedict Doll could not utilize his great starting position on Saturday and fell back to 18th place after 5 penalty rounds.
The finest DSV professional athlete was the Roman Sees, which was just burdened with a mistake, who improved from 27th place to 13th location.
Stella Hold Agreed celebrated his first season success (1 mistake).

Title Shasta Christiansen (2) made the Norwegian triple success with 24.6 seconds behind and the total World Cup-leading Johannes Thingies BO (2/+ 35.8 seconds) was best.

Doll for defective res makes 14 places well

Doll made an error in the two lying shooting.
A total of three slices remained in the standing stop.
Sees worked forward by 14 places with just one penalty round.
The other German Justus Strew (25th), Johannes Kuhn (32nd), David Nobel (38th) and Philipp Horn (49.) had nothing to do with the choice.
Due to the frost at night and some icy passages, the course was shortened by about a kilometer, the race began with a little delay due to the path preparation.
You thought you might get it in time. The security of the professional athletes is going on, said communication director Christian Winkler from the World Association IBM in the ARD.
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