Adrian Lewis was the World Champion several times, and he is confident that he can win the Darts World Cup.

In the 2nd set between Adrian Lewis and Daniel Larsson on Friday afternoon, the mood amongst the fans quickly boiled at the Alexandra Palace in London.
Lewis, who won the PDC World Champion in 2011 and 2012, had thundered the very first six arrows of the fourth leg in the Triple-20 and just needed to end up 3 darts for the notorious Neundarter.
Even if Jackpot did not prosper, his very first look at this World Cup was flawless.
It was also the second sentence in which Lewis played approximately 101.89.
Some litters reminded of earlier successes that the 37-year-old has not been able to build in over the last few years.
Lewis likewise remained concentrated in the last set.
Although his average decreased a bit (93.57), Larsson was not more dangerous-it was 3-0 for the favorite.

the other afternoon video games are likewise one-sided

In the first video game of the day, Alan Soutar had actually formerly thrown himself into the second round.


The Scots had actually played its very first PDC World Cup last year and was now a preferred in Coming (Australia), who in turn made his launching in the Ally Pally this year.
Soutar did disappoint up and got a good-looking checkout rate of 36% in the 3-0 3: 0.
At the start of the second video game, the level of the afternoon session fell momentarily.
Both the Croatian Boris Kramer and the Japanese Tour Suzuki stayed under 80 with their Averages. Suzuki in particular was visibly hard to find into the video game and only got his very first leg in the 3rd set.
Even if he subsequently forced Kramer to the decision-making of the 3rd sentence, The Biggest remained ripped off there, examined the double night to 3-0 success and hence now meet Nathan Spinal in round 2.

after 154 surface: Huybrechts against Wright

Kim Huybrechts was finally the 4th in the group, who won his video game in the afternoon session efficiently in 3: 0 sets, inclusive of 154 finish, the highest of the previous competition.
The South African Grant Sampson did not represent a huge challenge for the Belgian-but will now satisfy the defending champion Peter Wright in the sixteenth last.