The Deutsche Fußball-Bund (DFB) sports court has sentenced Hanover 96 to a fine in a judgment on Friday. In two cases, the club’s fans were found guilty of unsportsmanlike behavior.

The Lower Saxony should pay 54,140 euros, according to the DFB’s judge’s decision.
The association can utilize up to 18,000 euros for security or violence prevention steps, which would have to be proven by the DFB by May 31, 2023.
As part of the 2nd department video game of Hanover 96 at 1. FC Magdeburg on August 19, fans of the 96 fired up a minimum of 56 Bengal fire, two brilliant and a smoke body.
Due to the enormous pyrotechnics utilize, especially before the start of the second half, the restart was delayed by almost a minute.


Looks in Magdeburg household block

In addition, after completion of the game, Hanoverian viewers shot a flaring rocket into the Magdeburg household block.
Then there were brawls in between Magdeburg and Hanoverian viewers, each of whom had climbed up the side gangs or barrier grilles.
While the clashes in which at least 10 to 15 individuals of both fan camps were included, flag holders and rods flew back and forth between the fan groups.

Only after the authorities intervene might the advocates of both camps be separated and pushed back.