Update as of 5/2/2018 After just recently announcing their plans to release the vehicle, Son Motors has confirmed

The technique has a great deal of charm: an electrical vehicle that not only supplies itself on the charging station, however also produces it itself-and easily environmentally friendly, namely with the assistance of photovoltaic components on the outer skin.
The start-up Son Motors currently provided a first prototype of the Sion in 2016.
The young heads behind were Lauren Hahn, Davina Bernstein and Joan Christians, a sympathetic trio loaded with optimism, conviction and fresh ideas.
In reality, the Sion principle was celebrated, numerous prospective electric vehicles were so enthusiastic about the bright minivan that they made a deposit of (a minimum of) 500 euros and hence made a reservation.


The homepage bears sorrow

They are still awaiting their vehicle.
And you may never get it.
The Sion has not even entered into the production that was to occur in a previous Saab plant in Trollhättan in Sweden.
The start was moved again and once again, most just recently there was talk of 2024.
Now the wicked premonitions are verified: The homepage of Son Motors bears grief, the sentence is on the deep black background: We have not made it.
Sion with an audience: Now a community of payment must assist.
Loans or contributions would likewise assist, Son Motors state.
Son Motors
But then it goes on: You choose.
You, that’s the consumer.
And not only one, but lots of, really many-to-one provide the Sion project One last chance, as Joan Christians and Lauren Hahn compose in a message.
As part of a crowdfunding campaign (#savesion), 3500 consumers who are already purchasing the solar vehicle are looked for at a time when not a single series copy has yet been constructed.
To do this, you need to pay a lowered purchase cost of 27,000 euros and then receive a repaired waiting number.
The down payments are just due in case of the success of the campaign.
The campaign ends after 50 days, i.e. at the end of January 2023. Every euro counts, state Christians and Hahn nearly pleadingly.

already conserved the neighborhood in 2019

It is not the first time that the Sion skidded.
As early as 2019, the community conserved its desired project with a crowdfunding project that earned more than 50 million euros in payment dedications within 50 days.
And in 2015 Christian and Hahn selected an IPO in the U.S.A., which also served to prevent impending bankruptcy.
Creator trio: Davina Bernstein, Joan Christians, Lauren Hahn.
Son Motors
Far, according to Son Motors, around 21,000 private individuals have made an appointment for the Sion, plus 22,000 pre-orders from fleet operators.
If the car project fails, this does not imply that for the Munich company itself, it then desires to concentrate on its 2nd pillar, the development of solar services for trucks and buses.

112 reward kilometers

The Sion is a 4.29 meter long minivan, which is powered by a 120 kW/163 hp electrical motor.
A lithium-ion battery with 35 kWh capability acts as an energy storage, which assures a variety of 255 kilometers without the reward path, which leads to the solar panels that are incorporated into bonnet, fenders, pages, roof and rear.
The manufacturer’s on the maker is discussing approximately 112 extra kilometers per week.
The Sion would also have mastered bidirectional shops.
Now the plug may be pulled him.
The problem with the Sion is that in spite of the innovative solar technology, he has probably long because missed his opportunity.
He must have perceived them at the current in 2019 when electromobility remained in the start and still had the chance to shoot the electrically unsorted big makers a long nose.
In the meantime, the others have actually developed a vast array of electrics in which the electrical affine can use clients.

The concept of photovoltaics has currently been implemented by the recognized vehicle manufacturers-Toyota Prius and BZ4X, Hyundai Ionic 5 and Genesis Electrified G80 at least provide a solar roof.
And Light year from the Netherlands even promotes his Light year 0 as a long-distance solar cars and truck and is already in the starting blocks with him.