Lost, these two words are currently driving different code fans on Steam.
We explain what you can do if you need to deal with the exact same issue.

How to resolve the connection problem in MW2

More than 200,000 individuals play Call of Task: Modern Warfare 2 Currently on Steam every day.
Many of them have a frustrating problem.
We are discussing the connection lost message that all of a sudden tosses you out of the video game.
This can cause a lot of aggravation.
In any case, the grievances of the players are increasing in the appropriate Steam online forum.
We have assembled the most common suggestions for the issue.
Choice 1: Try to fix the game.
With an ideal click modern warfare in your Steam library you can open the properties of the shooter.
In the area of regional files, you will discover the function of game files examine for mistakes.
Click on and wait for the process.
Choice 2: The classic.
Register on Steam and reboot your PC.
Later on you register again on Steam and begin Modern Warfare 2. Lots of players do this step intuitively anyway.
Choice 3: LAN and WLAN.
If possible, then try the modification, i.e. from WLAN to LAN or vice versa.
According to some users, this is also said to have actually helped.
Option 4: consume and wait tea.


Activision knows of the issue and is already working on a solution.
Rather of making yourself unnecessary tension, it may be more practical to wait.
Sounds dumb, however keeps the inner assurance.
Alternatively, you can naturally also search for an option yourself.

After all, new threads, problems and ideas for solutions appear every hour in the matching Steam forum.
We can recommend this image route if you still want to shoot.
Here you will discover some totally free shooters.
Possibly the time can be bridged till the fixed: