A wanderer, also known by SCARAMOUCHE, KUNIKUZHI, BALLADEER and Kabuki mono, is a playable five-star AEMO catalyst, which can be pulled whenever his banner rotates.
His dynamic style of play offers a feast for the eyes, from his ability to steam in the air to a magnificent look of his leg, advancing on enemies (or you).
If you are interested in playing this sharp child of eternity and a stepson of wisdom, these are a few of our recommendations that will help you.

Assembly Guide Gen shin Impact-Wanderer’s play style

It is best to use a wanderer as a Hyper-cherry DPS, which focuses on applying ordinary and charged damage from attack.
Thus, you want to pay priority to create his first talent, Urban Mage before working on his Elemental Skill and Burst.
The wanderer constantly inflicts AEMO damage and can activate the vortex reaction with his abilities.
His perfect style of the game would be to activate his elements’ skill, spit with his usual and charged attacks, and then use his explosion of elements when it is available.

The best weapon for a wanderer in Genshin Impact

The wanderer needs a weapon that can strengthen his ordinary and charged attacks, so avoid options aimed at strengthening damage from natural skills.
Five-star options
Tulaytull’s memory (the best in the slot)
Lost prayer to the sacred winds
Heavenly Atlas
Memory of Dust (required a command shield)
Four-star options
Tales of Dodo
Black cliff Agate
Solar pearl (first you need to use the usual attack, an explosion of elements is required to obtain a buff)

The best artifacts for a wanderer in Genshin Impact

For the main assembly of DPS, the wanderer needs sands of percentage attacking the damage goblet of the diadem of the chance of a critical impact/damage.
This assembly is best performed with the following sets of artifacts:
Chronicle of the desert pavilion (the best in the slot)-increases the damage to AEMO, ordinary and charged attacks and the normal speed of the attack.
Echoes of the offering-enhances ordinary and charged attacks, but depends on the GSC.
Smetana’s memoirs-strengthens ordinary and charged attacks, but due to the loss of energy, worthy of an alternative, if you are not lucky with the chronicles of the desert pavilion.
If you have problems with calculating good substrates, you can combine a set of two objects consisting of AEMO (bright red vendor and a chronicle of the desert pavilion) or a percentage of attack (the memoirs of Shimenava and the final of the gladiator) as an alternative.

The best teammates for a wanderer in Genshin Impact

Being the main unit of the traffic police, the wanderer is best suited for the teams that can strengthen it.
Here are a few recommendations that will help you create the perfect team.
Schiller wanderer becomes vulnerable in flight and needs a shield to improve the quality of life.


Great options are Thinly, Dion and Leila.
Burhou may have ordinary attack buffers such as Run Jin or Bennett, or AEMO shredders, such as C4 Jean or Tarzan.
In fact, Tarzan is the best wanderer buffer.
DPS outside the field-they are always useful to inflict additional damage while the wanderer captures the field.
Some great options: Maiden Shogun, Yale Mike, Xingu, Plan, Keisha, Bennet and Xi angling.
Since the wanderer’s skills can rotate elements, he can cause many reactions based on the elements of his teammates.
Check out our guidance on where to farm the chronicles of the desert pavilion and lost artifacts of the paradise flower in Genshin Impact, here in the guidelines for professional games to start the pharmacies.