At the moment there is promotional tour of the Avatar film: the Water Camino, sequel to that film launched in 2009 that gained a lot of popularity thanks to its visual effects. Among all his interviews the director of the film, James Cameron, has responded interesting unknowns, including the choice of blue color for the characters.

Specifically it is a mixture of between running out of many options, since iconic characters like Hulk already had the green color, and many aliens are also of such pigment. To this was added that he wanted to use the purple to set the planet, so he had blue adding the story of a dream his mother had.

Here is the translation of the aforementioned:

On color, green was already taken by countless green aliens, in addition to Hulk. And human colors, like pink and brown, were not very alien. With yellow SpongeBob, we only had practically blue and purple. The latter is my favorite color, but I saw it more appropriate to use it on the effects of bioluminescence, which we did associate with Era and anything sacred to the Navy. In addition, my mother told me about a dream she had in which there was a blue woman three meters high with six breasts. A great image that I drew. But he didn’t look as well as he believed and would have ruined the rating of ages.

Remember that Avatar: The Water Road opens on December 15.

Via: Slash film

Editor’s note: I think it was a good color choice, since it combines with several environments within the work. Quite excited to see the second part of December.