Since Sonic Frontiers is a game with the open world, it naturally has many actions that players can discover and perform. One of these classes is fishing with Big the CAT, a game mode, returning from Sonic Adventure, which has become a favorite of fans and an Internet meme due to the complexity that he put, and the pleasure that he brought. With the return of fishing at Sonic Frontiers, you need to know all the places for fishing in the game to start fishing. The following shows where to find fishing places in Sonic Frontiers.


where to find fishing places in Sonic Frontiers

Island Kronor

You will find the first place for fishing in the game on the far western side of the island of Kronor on the southern tip of the peninsula. It is best to find the elder Coco and go straight to the west, but you may also notice that he is very close to the location of the Silver Emerald of Chaos.

Island Ares

The place for fishing on the island of Ares or the northern place for fishing, as indicated in the game, is much more difficult to find than the place on the island of Kronor. This is due to the three factors: isolation from the shore, first you need to complete a certain task, and it needs to be found by walking along the bottom of the well.

At the test site of the M-041 and M-042 there will be two wells. Perform any of these tests and jump into the appropriate well. As soon as you reach the bottom, use the map to return to the surface. Following the instructions on the map, you will find yourself next to the place for fishing on the island of Ares.

Island of Chaos

The island of Chaos is a home for Western fishing, and therefore this place is located far in the West. You can easily get to the place as soon as you complete the M-068 task, as it will open the area on your map and allow you to explore it.

Island Trans

The island of Trans is actually a home for two places for fishing, and not for 1. The first location is located south of the blue emerald of chaos and is very close to the M-082 problem.

The second location is located next to the blue emerald of Chaos. Go to the locations 4-8, then go south until you find the Ninja Guardian boss. Fight or run past him, continuing to move south until you find ruins covered with moss. The fishing place will be very close to these ruins.

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