Lucky EGG is an object that allows Pokémon to get more experience in battle, even if they were not the Pokémon who defeated your enemy. And although bonus experience is not generated when you send it with the help of lets go! A function is still a useful object that can help you increase the level of a constantly changing command. This is where to find a happy egg in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet.

Lucky Egg Lemon Scarlet & Violet

Usually the game has one happy egg. In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet, this happy egg is given to you automatically. Right before your sixth battle in the gym. You can thank Professor Jacques for this!

How to quickly increase the level in Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

But even with Lucky EGG, an increase in the level of your Pokémon can take a lot of time and effort. If you defeated all eight leaders of the gym, you can really earn a ton of explosion. Sweets from five-start era Raids. After you become the champion, you will ultimately get access to six-star-raids, in which more and more experience falls. Sweets as a reward.

How much experience does my Pokémon get for candy?

  • Ex. XS sweets: 100 experience
  • Ex. Sweets S: 800 experience
  • Ex. Candy m: 3000 experience
  • Ex. Candy l: 10,000 experience
  • Ex. XL sweets: 30,000 experience

In the five-six-star raids of Term will have a lot of experience. Sweets L and EXP. Sweets XL. If the crystal that you are watching does not correspond to these stellar ratings, miss them and find another. TER crystals are dropped every new day in real life, so be sure to check them daily.

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