A total of twelve minutes at the opening game between Qatar and Ecuador (0: 2), a massive 27 in the 6-2 success of England over Iran. In the very first games of the 2022 World Cup, lots of re-enacted.

incidents must be checked thoroughly

In the game in between England and Iran, there were at least good factors for this, the Iranian keeper Alireza Caravan had to be treated for a very long time and ultimately replaced due to a head injury. As in the opening video game, the VAR has also switched on, the minutes showed needed to be extended. The formally 10 minutes of stoppage time at the England video game at the end and both rounds throughout Ecuador’s success were affected.

The audience will most likely still have to get used to this. FIFA referee manager Pearling Collins thinks about long stoppage times to be the new standard, the Italian explained before the tournament. The stoppage time should be thought about very carefully and after that defined. We will try to compensate for the time that is lost through occurrences.

Only 42 or 43 minutes of active video game not acceptable

Collins’s words of words the truth that 6, seven, eight, 9 minutes of injury time must not be lost, up until now, need to not be lost because of objective celebrations, alternatives, injuries or dismissal The fact is: FIFA does not wish to just 42 or 43 minutes of active video game is not acceptable in one half..