[ Moon Byung-soo] Nixon (CEO Lee Dungeon) will serve ‘Dungeon & Fighter (Dun pa)’ card plate on ‘Nixon Hyundai Card’, which is serviced with Hyundai Card (CEO Jae-young Jung). It was released.

‘Dancing Plate’ is a motif of famous character ‘Dancing’ in Dungeon & Fighter Game. Dancing is one of the NPCs in the game and is loved by Dun pa users with a cute but cute face that overturns earthenware.

The new plate not only printed Dancing’s face, but also specialized the surface to express the rough earthenware of the rough earthenware. You can receive Dancing Plate Card by signing up for new Nixon Hyundai Card or applying for a plate replacement.

Nixon will hold Dun pa and Dun pa Mobile Benefits to commemorate the launch of the new plate. Nixon Hyundai Card users can participate in the event on the event page of each game’s homepage, and by the end of this year, you can receive additional benefits from Dun pa or Dun pa Mobile items.

First, in Dungeon & Fighter, ‘Premium Dancing Card’, ‘Account Premium Platinum Emblem selection box’, ‘ancient golden amplification’, ‘master contract package (15 days)’, ‘+10 equipment amplification rights ‘You can get the back.

In Dungeon & Fighter Mobile, you can acquire the title of ‘Dun pa Plate’ limited benefit ‘Little Dancing’ Creature and ‘Scratching Dancing’. Can.

In addition, Dun pa and Dun pa Mobile offers special benefits that can earn up to 180,000 won for up to 30,000 won per month for six months.

Nixon Hyundai Card, meanwhile, is a PLCC (commercial credit card) dedicated to Nixon members, which Nixon and Hyundai Card offer optimized benefits to game users.