In the night, the Virtual Bundesliga Club Championship (VBL CC) starts its eleventh season. An overall of 29 groups, divided into two divisions, defend the shell \ title defender is RB Leipzig. The Saxons are most likely to be at the forecast with the projections again this year-especially after UMT ‘UMT’ Bulletin was able to win the FIFA World Championship.

He plainly created that he desired to win the title, but it always depends on how the efficiency is in the last. The world champion clearly declares to win the title.

In 2019, Michael ‘Megabit’ Bittner and Mohammed ‘Yoruba’ Various won the title to the Weber, a year later on ‘Megabit’ and Ethan ‘Dr. Ethanol ‘Cayman. Nevertheless, if you win the thing, you depend on the day form on the final days, stated ‘Kamal’.

As a co-favorite, he sees Welder Bremen, who have actually transferred an excellent gamer with Eleftherios ‘Left’ Ilia’s (he changed from Borussia M√∂nchengladbach, editor’s editor) and have an experienced professional with Ali ‘Predator’ Soul Rad.

St. Pauli’s Kamal ‘Kamal’ Bamboo joined these forecasts and called Leipzig from the south-east department as favorites, Bremen from the north-west division. For them, it would be if it ended up with the title, the 3rd win in five years Club Champion.

‘UMT’ takes favorite role.

For Dylan ‘Dullenmike’ Neubauer, who had the ability to win versus Leipzig’s ‘UMT’ in the final of the German private championship, there is no other way around them. He found appreciation not just for the individual quality of the team and the team width, but also the environment.