Mount & Blade II Banner lord is a Strategy Action RPG developed by Tale worlds Entertainment and PLAIN will release PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4 package version on November 10. PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 downloaded version is also on sale on the same day. The PC version (Steam/ Games Store) and Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One version have been officially released on October 25. This time, I will introduce the charm of this work under the supervision of PLAIN.

This work can live in a fictional medieval Arcadia, and can freely live in chaos. His high degree of freedom is origami, and it is not a dream to start by creating your own troops in a remote village, and eventually starting the country as a major force on the continent. It is also possible to form an alliance with other countries, or to war. Of course, becoming a hero is not the only life. You can live as a looting person who attacks a poor village, a specific person you can put in a plan, or make a profit as a merchant as a merchant. In addition, you can make a lover, get married, and have a child. It is the biggest attraction in this work to be able to live as the player wants.

The progress of the game is mainly divided into two parts. The first is a part where you decide to act in view of the situation while moving through the world map. The second is an action part that leads the army while operating himself and fights with the enemy. After actually playing this work, both parts are common. That is, this work is a very habit-related work. Both deciding to act as a player or engaging with enemies in combat had a hard time getting used to a unique system. And the strength of the habit is not only for operation and basic systems. As long as you play this work, players will always be forced to confront various struggles.

So is such a game fascinating? The answer is by all means. Strangely, I would like to first say that the accumulation of the hardships of living in the real world is also the charm of this work. Also, as you can see from the title, this work is a sequel to the series. However, there is no problem even if you do not play the previous work, so you can enjoy it even if you enter from this work. So what kind of fun can be experienced by touching this work specifically? And what kind of difficulty does the player actually struggle? In this article, we will introduce the charm of this work while explaining the outline of the game.

Because it is real, it is difficult to live

First, I would like to mention a little about the background of this work. The stage, Arcadia, has been dominating the whole of the Empire for 500 years. However, over the years, corruption progresses in the empire, and eventually splits with the civil war. The entire continent has entered the war, with the once oppressed by the empire and those who are aiming for the thr1. At the beginning of the story, various powers are in a state of disruption.

It is not limited to NPCs living on the continent. Because the player is one person living in Arcadia. This work is particularly particular, and every time the game progresses, you will be surprised by the precise settings and the game characteristics that faithfully reflect the world view.

It can be experienced immediately at the character creation stage before the game starts. There are items that determine the culture, and you can choose which area of Arcadia and which tribe. This item is not limited to just a role play element, but also undergoes a status correction according to culture. For example, if you are from a desert, the wages paid to the soldiers hired by the unit will increase instead of receiving a decreased penalty in the desert. If you are from a nomadic ethnic group, the cost of hiring and upgrades of equestrian companies will be reduced, increasing livestock in the rule of governance. Instead, the tax revenue that can be collected from the town decreases. In this way, each of them is not good at the status in the status.

There are items in the alter ego of the creator to determine which clan is born. If your parents change, your skills will naturally change. In addition, you can set what kind of personality you were in childhood, adolescent, adolescents, and youth, what you were doing, and what episodes you have. The skill points are allocated as status according to those settings. Even if you are the main character of the game, you have no events to acquire skills, and you can’t suddenly acquire skills.

This is the same for gameplay. In order to be skilled in handling specific weapons, you must naturally use that weapon to fight. In order to acquire riding skills, you have to keep riding a horse. As a common awareness of the whole work, things that have never been experienced are impossible. If you don’t actually accumulate experience, you will not be able to acquire it as your own technology. This area is so realistic that the real world is so realistic that it is unlikely to be a fiction world.

Players can freely choose what the main axis is playing game play. It is also a good idea to choose a character backbone, emphasizing your experience and skills. Conversely, the player chooses the birth he wants, and is also conscious of roll play. The immersion in the world and the attachment to the characters should increase. Even in actual play, one way of playing is to go over the story from the viewpoint of God and work hard to achieve the ending you want. As a human being, there will be some tasteful plays that are at the mercy of the times.

The battle is also hard

And when the player’s policy has been decided, the real world is for the first time. In this work, every time there is something, the wall of reality is pierced to the player. The first thing you can realize is the battle part. The action of this work is highly flexible operability, and at the same time, it has a strong habit.

Sword attacks change into actions such as vertical, horizontal, and thrust by performing camera operation at the same time. It is necessary to use it as appropriate according to the enemy’s position, standing position, and distance. In addition, the attack operation itself is slow. It doesn’t swing the weapons lightly like a stylish action game. If you are attacked by the enemy during the attack, this attack will be interrupted. It is also important to determine the timing of starting weapons so that you can hit the first strike.

You can practice weapons in the tutorial, but this is very difficult. I can’t handle the sword anyway. Even if you can do each operation without any problems, if you try to practice the enemy in front, the movement will stop by thinking. In addition, there is no attack as expected. It is more difficult to attack while running on a horse. It seemed terrible that the stopped target would swing over and over again.

What I personally felt difficult was the treatment of a shield. The shield can also change the direction in which the camera is combined with the camera operation. At first glance, it may seem convenient, but if you turn it over, it is meaningless if you hold a shield in an appropriate place against the enemy’s attack. After operating the character, taking into account the time lag from the time lag from actually performing the action, the enemy will be assigned to the enemy’s attack. In the action game, there were many things that I should have done unconsciously in this work.

It is a character that operates, but its strength is troublesome, but at least in the early stages, it is not much different from general soldiers and bandits. In fact, he sometimes lost one-on-one, or was one-sided surrounded by bandits. What I want to remember is that although this work has an action element, the essence is in real time strategy. Basically, the basics are to give instructions to soldiers, create a numerical advantageous situation and fight.

Especially in the early stages where the strength was unacceptable, the role of players in battle was often focused on shortstops. While riding on a horse and leaving a blow to infantry, disturbing the formation and separating. Then the infantry who catches up later will handle the enemies that have fallen apart in order. Infantry collisions can also be damaged to the ally, so it is a reasonable way to fight in terms of suppressing wear. I don’t want to fight in front of enemies with a difference in number of people. The number of violence quickly reveals the reality.

After that, after being able to fight, you will finally be aware of living in Arcadia. After the end of the tutorial, the player will be thrown out on a vast map, along with the sentence that you should search freely. Although the main scenario as a rough line exists, the ending depends on the choice of players. It is not always necessary to proceed with the scenario. It would be fun to do what you want to do, as you can do scenario capture.

It’s hard to live in the first place

But whatever you do, you have to live in this world. In Arcadia, it’s just something that can’t be helped. Time passes when you move the world map. The stomach is reduced according to the passage of the time, so you must always secure food. However, the number of items that can be carried by one person is limited, and the looters and bandits who are wandering around the map are basically in a Colonist. Therefore, you will first hire soldiers as a minimum force, but of course you have to pay wages every day. As the number of soldiers increases, the necessary food increases. Moving the map will reduce food and money, so the range of activities in the early stages is naturally limited.

As a way to make a living in the early stages, you will be rewarded at the request. Or it will be a means of attacking looters and bandits and depriving them. But the former looks a reasonable choice, but there are actually some problems. First, there are not so many requests. There is no place to arrange a request like a guild, and basically it is necessary to negotiate directly with those who are worried. However, although he received a request from the neighboring town to make money, he could not be known for the player and not being opponents. Some requests are to buy stolen goods that cannot be flushed in a regular market. There is a content like a bargain, and the reward is not necessarily money.

In addition, there is a deadline for requests. There are urgent requests within a few days, and some requests for one month or year. Due to the specifications of the map, it is difficult to make a move that tends to be done with RPG, which receives all the requests that have occurred for the time being. But think a little. Naturally, people who live in villages and towns scattered on the map also have a life. It would be unnatural to be able to leave it for years, even though it was a hurry request. It is a natural providence that it is difficult to give money as a reward if the client in need is a poor person.

In addition, there are cases where it is not possible to obtain items in combat with pirates and sell all unnecessary items. This is because the merchant who buys is limited. Even if you are a wealthy merchant living in a commercial town, it is difficult to buy too many things for merchants living in a remote village. NPCs in various places are not convenient for players. They live in the world of Arcadia.

As you continue to live, the more you increase and nurture the soldiers, the more the wages and food expenses are. It would not be bad to serve some countries as mercenaries to solve this problem. If you become a mercenary, you will be able to attack the aristocratic and trad esters of enemy countries, not bandits, and earn more. As a result, they may offend the voters of the attacking countries. However, the nobles of the country to which they belong will protect, so you can get a sense of security that you have a backing than when you are active.

In order to reduce expenses, or to acquire better things, we are also looking for business and blacksmithing. It is worth noting that the weapons created by blacksmithing can change their performance from commercial distribution. In addition to increasing power, slimming to increase the attack speed, you can also increase the length of the blade. There is an advantage that can produce a unique one according to your taste. Eventually, the days of struggling to collect materials will begin, and some scenes will come on a long way.

In this work, it is necessary to procure materials, manage money, to improve your strength, and use your head. At the same time, we have new risks while increasing what we can do little by little. It is a characteristic work, like a real world, has a hard time living. It is not necessary to do only the determined task, but you must always choose. That way, this game creates a player’s choice.

Because it is too free, it is difficult to decide the purpose

As I mentioned earlier, this work has a lot of realistic systems, and it is easy to fall into a dilemma that can only be d1. The best example is how to make a living in the early stages. If you have a good force, you can have a bigger battle. If you have money, you can start a big business with it. If you have more fame, you can be recognized by influential aristocrats in various places. There should be many ways to actually take it, but in various situations, the choices are actually limited.

I want to remember that as a means of breaking out such troubles, you can make choices that are not bound by common sense. Because this world is realistic, it is unusual for NPCs to live in various places, the operation of villages and towns, and at the end of the country. For example, if you want money quickly, you can loot from a non-resistant villager. They are non-trained non-combatants and are not enough to take them with soldiers who protect the castle.

It is not just people who can attack. It is also possible to occupy the village and make it your own power. If you don’t like it, you can provoke it, or you can also take it to a specific noble. Then, the player can affect the world by choosing.

Of course, I want to remember that there is a proper reward for evil. Soldiers are dispatched from the deprived power of the territory. In some cases, a ridiculous number of troops are sent to a remote village occupied with casual feelings. Also, bad rumors will fly in the world, and certain areas and people may not be able to speak. Friendship with players with people in various places is not determined only by the power to which they belong. If you accumulate, it will be determined by the fame according to it.

However, as the reality is, it is not rewarded just because good deeds. If you helped with good intentions, you may have actually used it. The fight for power in this work is not just a simple battle. The surface appears to have an effective relationship, but under the surface of the water, a plot is stretched. It must also be considered that spies are sent from the enemy organization. Sometimes it is necessary to help each other, and some situations may require the ruthlessness to look at the other party.

Ultimately, you can climb the country to rule. Beyond that, you can freely choose which country to establish friendly relationships and hostile relationships. It is not a dream to set the stability of the country first or to unify the continent. If you can participate in the battle that will change the future of the country, you can experience large-scale battles that you cannot imagine from the beginning.

If you have too many things you want to do, do you have any experience that you can’t get anything? This work tends to fall into a similar situation due to its degree of freedom. If you start thinking about the risks and returns of the choice, you may not be able to act openly. Even if you don’t actually act, you’ll be careful about what you want to do, and just make a plan. In the world map, there is no doubt that there are so many simulation factors that are over time.

It’s a hard life, but it’s attractive


By the way, we have introduced what you can do in this work and what you need to do. There are many things that you have to be aware of, and if you actually play it, you will have more hardships than you imagined. However, some people may be concerned that if they are so hard, they will not be able to enjoy it. From now on, I would like to introduce the fun of this work, waiting for such a hardship.

As an easy-to-understand attraction, we will touch on various growth factors. Characters grow by accumulating battles and living, and various skills grow. As your skills grow, you will be able to get a park, and you can benefit from the battle. In addition to purely increasing damage, the park has some improvements in attack speed and operability.

Other than battles, the growth of socialite and intelligence skills grows and changes. As the charm grows, it becomes easier to build a relationship with someone, the success rate of persuasion increases, and the park can be obtained. There are some unique things that increase the probability of getting pregnant, and are generally related to the relationship with others.

By growing, the number of things you can do will be clearly increased. I guess the player in the early stages can feel extra growth because it is difficult to experience the difference from the general character. Growth appears not only in the character of the character, but also in the form of players’ knowledge and experience. There should be things that can be done only because of repeated mistakes and gaining experience. When the player grows, the characters are also growing into the world. It is an example of an easy-to-understand success experience that a person who is not very different from the villagers will eventually acquire the power and charismatic nature of the country.

Also, if you launch a clan to expand your strength, the player’s power will eventually become a large household. In order to believe in players and feed many soldiers who follow, we must aim for a better life. The appearance of nurturing soldiers, while sighing the time-consuming elements, seems to be a good guardian. This applies to other factors, but this work has many hassles, and when something is done, a great sense of accomplishment is obtained. In order to get the sense of accomplishment, it is a type of work that always accumulates steadily.

As you travel around the country, you may meet in towns and land with attachments. Sometimes you want to use such a place as a base for your activities and take care of the people living there. There is no big reward, but it is natural to be happy to watch how your favorite town develops. And someday, you may meet your thoughts and become a family, knowing that the farewell will come. Playing this work may be close to the feeling of growing flowers.

And the biggest showcase in this work is definitely the siege battle. In order to attack and drop the castle, it is the siege battle that can play a large-scale battle with over 100 people. The siege battle in this work begins not only to fight, but also to set up a camp by besieging the castle. After the construction, it will be shifted to a preparatory battle by both camps. If the attack can be destroyed by an attack, it can invade the castle. In addition, it is possible to attack the soldiers from the siege stage. The exhaustion of the remaining food causes morale to decrease and an escape soldier.

By moving to the total attack, it will be a front battle with the enemy camp. Even if the defender can be destroyed, there may be a lot of defenders who have escaped. If you can wipe out the stuck soldiers, it will be the victory of the siege side. The commander can choose to loot or mere the base he has obtained. Losing increases the morale of allies, but the prosperity of the town decreases. Conversely, if you merge, the decline of the base will be suppressed, but the soldiers will be dissatisfied and will decrease morale. Here again, there is room for the choice of players.

Naturally, there is a case where the siege battle is on the guardian side. Sometimes you have to maintain the morale of soldiers while sacrifice, or break the siege and escape at the expense of soldiers. There are various cases, even if it is a siege battle. However, unlike fighting from the front, it is necessary to struggle. Before declaring war, it is necessary to determine if it is a battle with a victory. In addition to avoiding the battle if you feel disadvantageous, you can also take measures to reduce the strength of various places in advance. And if the siege battle starts, the ability to read the battle situation becomes important.

If you summarize, the siege battle is a place where you can naturally use what you can do in the game. Indeed, it is a phase that fully demonstrates the experience you have cultivated. If you can reach the stage of holding the siege battle, you can finally join the continent. Players can make a serious choice that can change history. In the early stages, the play of the player, who could only help one human being, is enough to move the world. That is the value of accumulating hardships in this work.

Everything depends on the player’s selection

Finally, I would like to talk about the most important things in this work. In this work, there are many difficult scenes and many choices. And after choosing, either success or failure is waiting. But don’t forget that there is no absolute answer in this work. Of course, you may have regrets, but the failure story is not always meaningless.

In fact, after playing this work for the first time, I experienced countless failures. He was attacked by a looted person and sometimes escaped from his life. He walked around without food and suffered hunger. If a battle occurs, people will naturally die. The instructions given by the player may cause allied soldiers to be sacrificed. As a result of a glimpse of the money, you may be imprisoned as a sinner. When I accidentally attacked the trading squadron of the powerful relationship and cracked a friendship, the liver really cooled down.

However, thanks to such experience, it can be said that he was able to learn how to survive in the world of Arcadia. In reality, if you make a big mistake, it is often irreparable again. However, in this work, even the failure can be used as a source of food, and you can step again. All of them become experience and eventually become the power of the player. In a sense, you can enjoy a real life like reality more than reality. That may be the essence that can be obtained through this work.

It is a life to want a mediocre and stable life, and it is also life to challenge without fear of failure. You can freely live, surrounded by many friends, and a lonely way of life. In addition to the dawn in the battle, there is also a way to spend life in business. Will you be a person involved in the war, or will you be a person involved? Everything, including the end of Arcadia, depends on the choice of players. If you are interested in this work, I would like you to accumulate a lot of hardships. The scenery you see beyond that will surely be valuable for you.

MOUNT & BLADE II Banner lord has released PlayStation 5/PlayStation 4 version from November 10. The price is 5480 yen for the PC version, the PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 version is 5980 yen (excluding tax), and the Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One version is 5800 yen (excluding tax). The PC version (Steam/ Games Store) and Xbox Series X | S/Xbox One version have been officially released on October 25.