Also permit demands, that is potentially also a factor deduction for the existing period, are imaginable. It can not for that reason be eliminated that the negligence for contracts as well as regulations by Martin Kind will certainly no longer take area in Hanover from the coming period. It is only in his hands to outlaw this danger, claimed the board.

In it, the unreserved right to issue instructions of the board of supervisors was stressed as well as explained: If it develops that this is not the instance, the DFL will examine the compatibility of the business law as well as legal construction in Hanover with the 50 +1 policy.


Nonetheless, when asked by thebuild _, the DFL stated that there was no message from the German football league. The DFL had actually already made a declaration in October, which can absolutely be regarded as a hazard of rejection to license.

From the DFL environment, it was communicated to the mom club that there were no changes to the construct, or Mr. Martin Kind proceeded to fulfill the instructions-with the likelihood of bordering chance, no certificate is offered for the coming season, says the Awareness of the five-member e.V. board around the chairman Sebastian Kramer.

The board of 2nd division Hanover 96 drawn a dramatic circumstance in a message to its participants. There is clearly the threat of withdrawal of the license. Martin Kind should be accountable for this.

Hanover 96: 50 +1 rule in truth not satisfied

It is very important that I can not be remembered in the following 100 years, stated majority shareholder afterwards: If you believe that we can compel us to transform contracts, you are recommended.

Expert employer Kind, formally handling director Administration GmbH, had actually been remembered by the board. The claims of the e.V. board: The 78-year-old had actually made 102 offenses of board concerns.

The board as well as potentially also the DFL wrap up from the truth that the 50 +1 guideline in Hanover is really not satisfied, given that Mr. Martin Kind does not comply with directions and also there is no means for the mom club to assent this.

Professional employer Kind, formally taking care of director Administration GmbH, had actually been remembered by the board. The accusation of the e.V. board: The 78-year-old had made 102 violations of board concerns. The Hanover Regional Court stated this step void; the appeal has actually not yet been decided.

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The board of second department Hanover 96 drawn a significant scenario in a message to its participants. It is just in his hands to prohibit this risk, claimed the board.