Darmstadt presented on the Friday night in the promo race. After Hanover had the very first likelihood with Nielsen (19th), the lilies after that pressed the accelerator pedal. However, Kempis Tor did not count (24th), the next likelihood was offered to the Darmstadt in the 31st minute: In the view of the video pictures, umpire Benjamin Corpus indicated the point and also offered Neumann red due to handball, however Tempe failed from the point. The lilies were currently in bulk, Hanover safeguarded compact as well as prowled on one or the various other changing moment. The SVD was then redeemed in the 62nd minute, when flour beam of light hit the left on the. In the person of Dietz, Darmstadt also had the possibility to decide, he overlooked a top-class carpenter (76. ). It was still enough for victory, as the 96s were extremely challenging.

insomnia siblings let Tannhauser cheer


It was also sufficient for Tannhauser in Rostock. The guests entered play well without obtaining truly unsafe. Rostock obtained better in the center of the flow and was unfortunate, Hinter seer struck the article (35th). A goal was seen before the break, the Insomnia siblings played out a shimmering clean counterattack, which in the end Christian jabbed for 1-0 right into the objective (45. ). With the lead in the back, the guests safeguard extremely compact after the break. The gear spent a lot, however had no mandatory concepts forward. Hence, one goal was crucial at the end of the day as well as the SVS drove a crucial success in the table storage.