Since its release, on October 28, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 FRONT with 16 Multiplayer Mode maps, and it is natural for franchise lovers to expect iconic maps to return… but not as they expected.

Rust map seen in Modern Warfare 2


The Rust map was caught in the title of Infinity Ward . On Twitter, the known community’s known account, named ModernWarzone , shared a clip in which we see the map in question, but is actually part of the Tara map that is playable in Ground War.

In the clip above, we recognize the huge metallic structure in which players often love to do to kill enemies on the floor. It is most likely to be used in 6v6 matches in the coming weeks.

The ModernWarzone account recalled that Tara is located in the Al March region, and Al March will be the map of War zone 2.0. So we must logically find Rust in the next Battle Royale . War zone 2.0 will be released on November 16 , and this is when the two Infinity Ward titles will last their first season.

There has not yet been an official pronouncement by the responsible companies , but with the amount of recent leaks and the truth of many of them, it is evident that this is a very plausible possibility. This must ighten veteran or even nostalgic players. Nor is it known if the map will be introduced later in MW2, especially with the union of the battle pass between the two games.

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