Technology can be most surprising, since today its use is one of the most varied, either to ask for transport, ask for food, see where we are standing or even take our pulse through vibration. And in new news it is confirmed that an Apple Watch saved a person, since she was destined to have a terrible outcome.

Specifically, a woman in states United was buried alive by her own husband, but managed to have her salvation by sending the 911 alert through the smartwatch created by the apple company. With this notification the rescuers managed to contact Young Took , who was originally kidnapped by his beloved and also stabbed by this.

The events took place last Sunday October 16, When Young Took An was attacked by his own relative at his home of Washington , this after allegedly discussing for an economic issue. The reports say that the subject hit and tied with adhesive tape to the woman in her room later uploaded her to her truck and went to a forest where she buried her.

As is already known, after the stab series, the woman did not die fortunately, so she could leave that well not so deep and get to a nearby house where she could ask for help with her device. Thus, the woman was treated and hospitalized, later they found the person responsible for all this, being arrested immediately by the authorities.

Via: News Google

Editor’s note : Many find apple watch as a device without so much purpose, but now it will be questioned if they are some type of lifeguard. Because now its scope is much larger compared to other generations.