Due to the fact that as the 2nd division revealed on Wednesday night, both Bakery Jetta and also Moritz Hair injured themselves at the Cup in Leipzig (0: 4). Both will certainly not be available several weeks HSV train Tim Walter.


Both gamers are at HSV regulars this season. Up until now, right-back Hair has actually been in the beginning eleven in all twelve league games, Jetta was likewise used in every game from match day 5. The offending all-rounder had missed the first phase of the season as a result of the consequences of a muscle mass injury.

In the 68th min of the video game, Jetta injured himself in a running duel with Leipzig’s Joke Guardiola and then had actually to be replaced versus Xavier Match. Hair captured it six minutes later on in a duel with Guardiola, in the 74th min William Mikelbrencis came to the field for him.

On Thursday, both gamers were analyzed thoroughly at the University Medical facility Eppendorf-and the medical diagnoses confirmed the HSV managers, who was afraid a lot more significant injuries right after the final whistle. Hair additionally endured a pressure on syndesmosis due to the fact that both players have actually suffered a tear of the external band in the ankle joint.