Disney Dream light Valley ingredients can be bought in several stores or collecting wild crops. However, onions are one of the few products that can only be achieved from a specific area. In this guide, we will show you Where to find onions at Disney Dream light Valley and the different meals that you can create with the ingredient.

Find onions at Disney Dream light Valley

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The onions can be bought at the Goofy post in the value forest after the players have updated the store with Star Coins. . Once you have improved the character of the character in Disney Dream light Valley, you can buy seeds for 50-Star Coins or buy one directly for 225-Star Coins.

Since it is cheaper to get seed-shaped onions, players can expect them to grow after an hour or so. But be sure to water them when the time comes because you can’t harvest them while they are in a brown state. In addition, if you do not have enough resources to make the appropriate updates in the Goofy post, you can experiment with the ingredient in the kingdom of Remy to create new dishes.

It should be noted that the ingredients and meals that players acquire in the kingdom of Remy will not appear in their inventory when they leave this location. Therefore, you will not be able to give these articles or use them for missions in the remaining areas of Dream light Valley.

Once the players get the onions of the store/garden, they can make high quality recipes, such as the Mendelian pickles, the Ratatouille and the potato and leeks soup. In addition, many characters will ask for dishes with this ingredient in several missions or while they eat at the Remy restaurant.

That is enough for our guide on Where to find onions at Disney Dream light Valley . Before going, you can see more content about the game by exploring the relevant links below or seeing our guide on how to get seaweed.

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