Comes Holdings will launch a large-scale update of ‘Heir of Light’.


In this update, the new five-star character (servant) of the Greek myth concept will be unveiled for the first time. She appears as a female character with attractive appearance, not a muscular middle-aged man described in Greek mythology. She, however, is, unlike her appearance, she has a powerful power to match the nickname of the king of the gods.

Water / Forest / Light Attribute Zeus is her long-range attack character, ignoring her enemy’s defense and causing proportional damage to her attack. She especially in her allies, if she contains Hades, her damage increases 100 %, which can be used more effectively. The fire / dark attribute is a recovery-type character that is immune to the weakening effect, and she can release the weakening effect of all allies. It is very versatile in his content because it reduces the attack of Raid Boss, Bastille, by 90%.

There are also various events commemorating the update. The event dungeon, which can be definitely acquired by Zeus, will be held until the 23rd of next month. In the event dungeon of the tower, a total of eight servants appear as a boss of each floor. Through the clear rewards, you can obtain ‘Zeus’ of all attributes except light properties, and you can also get ‘Water/Forest Greek Clues’ and ‘Fire Hades’.

The ‘Banquet Drop Event’, which collects ‘golden apples’ in various contents such as exploration, dungeons, and Daemon, will be held until the 16th of next month. The golden apology you acquired can get ‘Light Properties Zeus Draft’, ‘Light/Dark 5-Star Servant Options’, and ‘8-Star Equipment’. The Forest Summon Marvel Event, which will be held until the 30th, will present items such as ‘5-star character summon seat’ and ‘debris of transcendence’.