The most popular Magic The Gathering format is Elder Dragon Highlander, better known as Commander. Created to be an informal format, it quickly generated a more competitive goal for players who compete to win. With that in mind, these are the best competitive mallets in Magic: The Gathering.

If you are new in Commander, you may ask what is the difference between an informal and a competitive deck. The main differences are the level of power of certain letters and the way in which a CEDH deck plans to win.

All CEDH decks use letters that are incredibly powerful and seem almost broken. Most cards in this category are generally prohibited in most other formats, are notoriously rare and reach high prices. The same goes for the use of the original dual lands of the oldest sets.

When it comes to the strategy of an CEDH deck to win, it is usually based on an infinite combination of spells. This combo allows the player to win infinity, steal their entire deck, make everyone others lose immediately or win directly on the spot.

To achieve this, the mallets will include quickly to help fix their manna base and ramp spells. This is a normal part of MTG, but the cards used for CEDH are relatively too powerful and faces. Examples of these cards include Ancient Tomb, Mana Crypt and the Moxes set.

And to get the combo constantly and quickly, CEDH’s decks will also execute tutor cards that allow players to look for specific cards on their mallets. Again, this is an acceptable part of playing MTG, but the tutor cards used in CEDH are the best of the best. Examples of these cards include Mystic Tutor and Entomb.

Now let’s take a look at 10 of the most powerful CEDH commanders, their winning strategies and explore some of the key cards you must put in your mallets.

Urza, Lord Alto Aristor

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For all Mono-Azules players, this is an obvious option. Possibly the most famous character in the whole story of MTG, having Urza in your command zone is almost enough to finish the game. And with this deck, you will exercise power at that level. Commander Urza allows you to generate more blue maná playing artifacts and also summons an artifact creature that strengthens with more artifacts at stake. And to top it off, his ability to touch artifacts allows you to avoid the stax effects of the cards you play, such as the winter orb and the static orb.

The main victory condition for this deck is the Polymorph and Proteus Staff combo that allows you to generate infinity mana with Hullbreak Horror. You can also win infinite mana using the Power Artifact more Grim Monolith combo. As support, you can also play the Isochron Scepter and Dramatic Reversal combo to straighten infinitely. To complete this deck, you will want to include the most powerful blue against your combos. And it also includes the most powerful basic elements of blue to steal letters and tutors to get your combos. You must also add Stax artifacts to have more control.

Inalla, Ritualist Archimaga

With inalla, you will have access to fast combos of a letter thanks to her ability to copy magicians that are not chips and hurry them. This means that you can win in the first turn with the best hand. And if not, you will always be threatening to win each shift with the correct letter. Wanderwine Prophets is a perfect example. This letter results in a hurried card with the original in exile, attacks with the file and sacrifices to take an extra shift. The real card returns and repeats.

For this deck, you will have access to the counterhechizos and the theft of blue cards. With black, you can add an explosive mana ramp with Ritual Cabal, Dark Ritual, as well as with the best tutors in the game. You can also use resuscitter cards so that your magicians return for more. There are many powerful magicians to put on this pseudo-tribal deck, some examples are:

  • Oracle of Thassa
  • spell search engine
  • Scholar of the ages
  • Lineage nigromante
  • Winter Eladrin

Red splashes powerful basic products such as:

  • Wheel of Fortune
  • Final fortune
  • Flame rite
  • And any direct damage if you need it.

Oswald Violinist Master

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There are not many powerful mono-white commanders and decks, so it is definitely worth playing Oswald if you like white and use artifacts. White has the greatest amount of Stax control effects that make it difficult for your opponents to play the game. His power is a powerful and consistent tutor effect that allows him to break the effects of the rule of law. He can quickly assemble Stax combos and win with the combo that best suits his particular game.

This deck will have many artifacts, so be sure to include letters such as:

  • Omens clock
  • Codechman
  • Immavible rod
  • Decorazoning needle
  • Moringing sphere
  • Brighthearth rings
  • Resistance sphere
  • Trinsfera
  • Letargo orb
  • UBA mask

You will also want to execute many fast Mana artifacts, including the full set of Moxes. You can complement your artifacts with creatures such as:

  • Mother of the Runes
  • Magistrate Drannith
  • Centinela Esper
  • Great aboler
  • Gólem de magnet
  • Metallurgical worker
  • Emeria arc
  • welder

Koll, the forjador teacher

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Koll’s commander ability gives you the power to combine with cheap teams and an army of small creatures. And as he is red and white, you have access to many powerful stax effects of white letters. With Koll, you can make the most of popular artifacts such as Skullclamp. One of the powerful combos you have at your disposal is extortionist at the dock with infinite loops with mortarpod or skullclamp.

When you build a deer of koll, you will want a lot of cheap red creatures like:

  • Skirk prospector
  • Duende welder
  • Kóbolds
  • Engineer elf
  • Elves recruiter
  • Creator of Goblin Craters
  • Rographh
  • Son of Rohgahh
  • Imperial recruiter

It also includes white sausages such as:

  • Auriok steel modeler
  • Centinela Esper
  • Reliquia search engine
  • Guard recruiter
  • EOS-channel-ranger
  • Mística Forjapiedra
  • Magistrate Drannith
  • Great aboler

And, of course, a lot of equipment of artifacts such as:

  • Mayal of the conqueror
  • Citizen Lever
  • Immolating mask
  • Spring leaf drum
  • Paradise mantle
  • Jitte de Umezawa

Kodama of the East Tree was associated with Silas Renn, adept search engine

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Having a couple of companions gives you an advantage to design your deck and have two legendary creatures ready to play. With this deck, you will want to take advantage of Kodama’s ability to play free permanent spells that cannot be counteracted. Silas Renn gives you access to the Sultai colors suite and can help you recover important artifacts of yours that could have been destroyed. And as your initial game and cheap commander, it is easy to continue coming out and synergy with your spells.

For this deck, add a good amount of blue counterhechizos, fast green ramp plus mana fixing and black tutors. Add an efficient letter theft of any color and will be golden. From there, you will want to capitalize on the Bachelor Citadel and the Guess Trompo or Sensei’s necropotence to accumulate a large number of storm spells thrown from the top of your library and play a great ending of storm spell ethereal flow to damage all your opponents simultaneously.

You can also activate Kodama’s ability at instantaneous speed with a fetchland after stealing a lot of cards with necropotence and ending with an emergency zone or crop rotation to plan any combo you want to win the game. You can also use a Thassa’s Oracle combo with Opposition Agent. Other cards you want to have are:

  • Meloku the cloudy mirror
  • thief concept
  • Supernatural evolution
  • Neoform
  • Endurance
  • Look at the abyss
  • Mnemonic betrayal
  • Call chord
  • Pronounced deterioration

Omnath, place of creation

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Omnath is easily one of the most powerful commanders to build your deck for CEDH. You have access to red, green, white and blue. In addition, his skills allow you to make life, Maná extra and cause damage to all opponents simultaneously. There are so many options for you to add to your deck to be complete for the countermagia, the Maná ramp, the direct damage and, of course, the murderous combos. One of your biggest pump combination plays is scapeshift for multiple landing triggers who can finish the game.

For blue, you will want:

  • Magician chasquid
  • Spell trap
  • Cyclonic crack
  • againsthechizo
  • Great idea
  • Ice fire
  • Lose focus

Green allows you to add:

  • Eternal witness
  • Endurance
  • Primal Titan
  • Shigeki Jukai Visionary
  • Growth spiral
  • Silvana Library
  • Exploration

With white, you will want to play:

  • March of the light of another world
  • Eladamri’s call
  • Supreme verdict
  • Council judgment
  • Teferi Time Traveler
  • Maná tithe
  • Fate absence
  • Ephemeral

And red will allow you to add:

  • Lightning propeller
  • Burning confluence
  • Ray
  • Wear away
  • Prismari command
  • Punishing fire

Yuriko, the shadow of the tiger

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Yuriko is unique because she allows you to play fast and powerful Ninjutsu creatures that can generate multiple powerful effects. And with black and blue to support them with theft of cards, countermagia and elimination, you will never feel without power.

Some of the best ninjas include:

  • Prospero thief
  • Ninja of the deep hours
  • Skull thief
  • Okiba-Gang Shinobi
  • Shinobi moon leaf
  • Fallen shinobi
  • Silver Leather Master
  • Tetsuko Umezawa fugitive
  • Ingenious infiltrate
  • Shinobi fog sheet
  • Silent oni sheet

And there is a blue and black spell plethora to help you handle any situation. Powerful options include:

  • Discovery/Dispersion
  • Far
  • Spite/Malice
  • Confirm/Memory
  • Consign/oblivion
  • Rapos/rich
  • Confabular/invent

For blue, once add againsthechizos and theft of letters, consider using:

  • Jace the mental sculptor
  • Mystical dispute
  • Overwhelmed
  • Excavate through time
  • Treasury Cruise
  • Xenoinjuto

With black, get the tutors and the quick mana, then add:

  • Conspiracy
  • Decamed
  • The cauldron of eternity
  • Get rid of
  • Lim-dul vault

Korvold, curse king for fairies

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Korvold, Fae-CurSed King is a commander joint and noble dragon who continues to grow and steals cards. Of course, you will have the little inconvenience of having to sacrifice one of your permanent every time attacks to use his ability. But with this deck, you can use that inconvenience for your benefit.

JND allows colors for a variety of different combos. With Squee The Immortal, Food Chain and Impact Tremor, you can re-throw Squee infinitely again and again generating infinity and ping to your opponents for 1 damage every time they have more life yet.

Another combo involves Dockside Extortationist, Temur Sabretooth and Impact Tremor. If your opponents have a total of at least four artifacts at stake, you can re-launch Dockside extortionistly infinitely with your treasures while you do all for 1 damage until you win.

But you don’t have to play this deck just as a combined deck. With the correct balance of cards, you can build a complete and powerfully balanced deck to handle any type of deck that your opponents can bring to the table. With red, add artifact elimination, elementary explosions and:

  • play
  • Detative blow
  • Destrozacáneo crushing
  • Failure to comply with the underworld
  • Ragavan agile thief
  • Imperial recruiter
  • Impulsive thief
  • Apes Guide Spirit

With green, add maná ramp and:

  • The Great Huge
  • Eternal…