Was it about 5-6 years ago? It seems to have been over twenty, who was in full swing. It has a lot of time and busy time to play. Playing was exhausted for several months, and for a few months, it was the only pleasure to sit down at home, but to put a drama or a movie.

I think I lived like that, but I have been living this life, but even if I drive for a month or two, I have nothing to see. The things I’ve seen so are a medieval fantasy like a game of throne in the Harry Potter series, the Lord of the Lord of the Rings, or in the drama. The authentic high fantasy is used to use magic and use.

I think I enjoyed the game of thr1. Perhaps the reason was that he enjoyed a game showing the middle of the Middle Ages, such as the Crusader Kings. For some reason, the unique sturdy, heavy sheet metal armor of medieval soldiers, long swords that look good for human beings, and several hundreds and thousands of soldiers are in a romance. Expect it.

In fact, before watching, the season was too long and was not interesting, but it was blind to the statistical indicators of tremendous viewership, and it was the starting point that there was no movie or drama to see at the time.

Sovereignty of seven kingdoms. And the fierce fighting of a gorgeous but dark and wet medieval nobles to occupy the iron throne made by melting a lot of long swords. The royal dramas of the monarch and the nobility are tied up with the conspiracy and betrayal of the aristocrats. A medieval fantasy based on ice and fire songs.

The game of the throne began in April 2011 and was broadcasted in eight seasons and 73 episodes until May 2019, and is the leading player of the American drama that caused fantasy syndrome. In addition, during the period of the drama, the US broadcasting high-prestigious Emmy Awards ceremony received a total of 47 awards, including works. Wouldn’t people who don’t know it once passed by?

Back, the game of the throne in August appeared in front of us as House of the Dragon. In this series, which has already begun in August, a long and long civil war will take place with the absolute power of the Targaren family who dominated the continent with the ability to dragged.

The depth of the story is unknown that you can follow the previous work, but most of the outward elements that fans want are mostly satisfied. The expressiveness of tight scales, huge body shops, wonderful flame guns and dragons flying high altitude is quite realistic and cool.

In addition, Singapore’s SecretLab (Secret Lab), which is loved all over the world in the field of gaming chairs, finds the protagonist to sit on the thr1. In cooperation with WINNER Brothers, the 10th Series House House of the Dragon, the Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 Series House House of the Dragon Edition.

The exterior is cooler than I thought. The exterior of the house of the dragon. Game series fans of the throne are enough to not regret enough. The distinctive pattern pattern that reminds us of the Middle Ages is applied here and there, and the symbol of the Targaren family and the red dragons with three heads are embroidered before and after the tops.

In addition, the game series gaming chairs of the Secret Lab Thrones have not been sold in Korea, but it will be introduced in Korea in order to commemorate this House of the Dragon Series.

The House of the Dragon Edition is the Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 series chairs, as you know, the Secret Lab’s ‘L-Adapt ™ LUMBAR Support’ system has been applied, which allows you to adjust the flexion of the backrest in four directions. In addition, the detachable magnetic head pillow, which maintains comfort, can be easily replaced without much strength.


The price is about 500,000 won, and it seems to be necessary to negotiate with the wallet. Of course, if you look at my card installment details that accumulated each one, it looks hard. As a fan, this limited edition edition may be difficult, so I think I should think about it for several months.

In addition, the Secret Lab Titan Evo 2022 series also has a separate game edition of the previously released thr1. There are three types of crowds, a house lannister with a crimson background and a golden lion, a clean white background with a gray dynamic house start, and a red dragon house Targayen with three heads. Game series fans of the throne seem to be hard to see.