-Today (24th) ‘GameSom 2022’ official website for the first time new game play trailer

-The third-person shooter’s combat mechanism and movement stylish shooting action

-Space Dive Games, while developing a PC platform in 2023

Line Games announced on the 24th that it will participate online at the European game show ‘Gamescom 2022’ and introduce the new PC online TPS root shooter, which is being developed by Space Dive Games.

The new trailer, which was first released on the official website of Gamescom 2022, is a new world view of the 3-person shooter with a medieval fantasy, and a stylish action based on the combat mechanism and movement of the third-person shooter. It is showing.

The trailer’s actual gameplay scene shows that a character armed with full plate armor discovers enemies, and at the same time use a variety of firearms to shoot and connect the magic skills to kill the enemy. Interaction with the features, you can also check the various play elements such as efficiently killing and creating a way.


Meanwhile, Quantum Nights is being developed with the goal of launching a PC platform in 2023. The user can enjoy the third-person shooting action by conducting various missions in the medieval fantasy world embodied in the open world.

The firearms of Quantum Nights have their own ability and unique appearance, so that users can collect and grow and create their own play combinations.

The new trailer of can be found on GameCom official website and Official YouTube . ** will be updated later.