The Elden Ring phenomenon has calmed down for now, and the next Title of Fromsoftware has not yet been announced. Fortunately, many studies, mainly Chinese, have decided to address gender in recent years. The most notable and impressive is probably Black Myth: Wukong , which allows you, among others): Sun Wukong, the mono .

8 minutes of completely new gameplay

In this new video presented by Nvidia we can discover 3 new radically different enemies from each other , as well as the great variety of Wukong powers. Developers seem to have inspired their stories, instead of simply resume the great classics present in genre games. In addition to the different batting techniques, The transformations also involve playing in a very different way , either in the form of an insect, or a strange creature that ends up committing suicide over the enemy.


It is also interesting how visually made the escapes perfectly; Rod in an attack or an enemy. However, we must admit is quite inconsistent and ridiculous sometimes, even in the Souls. Visually, the game is impressive, with fluid animations, detailed characters and rich environments. **

Still in Alfa, Black Myth Wukong is scheduled for PC and Next Gen consoles, in game format in premium edition with possible DLC of payment. Unfortunately, it still does not have a release date, so we can reasonably expect at least 2023 , but it could also be later. It only remains to be patient, and hope that the other games of the genre, which arrive this year, such as Steelrising and Soultice, fulfill their promises.