The major reason of the fad is a identifiable increase in the outside financial investments, claimed Stefan Ludwig, head of the liable billion eurosing activities organization team.

In European football, the complete turn over has actually remarkably enhanced in spite of the largely empty stadiums in the 2020/21 period.

In 2021 there were 15 financial investments in clubs from the 5 top leagues, while it had only been twelve with each other in the previous 2 years.


The 31st edition of the Yearly Review of Football Finance from Deloitte shows development from 2.4 billion euros to EUR 27.6 billion, which represents a boost of 10 percent. In the five big leagues alone there was an increase from 15.6 to 17 billion euros.

Bundesliga in second location

In general, nevertheless, the play courses remained behind the values of the pre-corona period.

The 2020/21 period had been played nearly without spectators throughout Europe due to the pandemic, while in the period there was still typical conditions up until March.

Ludwig stated that the clubs had dealt with investors extra openly due to the fact that of the greatly burdened financial circumstance as an outcome of the corona dilemma.

The Bundesliga remains in second area in the Ligenranking with sales of 3 billion euros behind the Premier League. In England, sales with 5.5 billion euros were nearly twice as high as in Germany, just behind the Bundesliga with 2.9 billion the Spanish La Liga as well as 2.5 billion the Italian series A.