Multiplayer or campaign? You will no longer have that doubt from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. Activision hCall confirmed a special promotion for those who reserve it in digital format . You are already on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X | S, Xbox One or PC, if you pre-comply you can access the story mode from October 20, eight days before its official launch.


This anticipated access allows players to enter a relevant part of their offer Call an appetizer prior to the multiplayer. This campaign offers missions in Europe, Callia and the AmericCall, and it is planned to be an incredible experience by several levels , the company underlines on its official website. They tell us about explosives to 30,000 feet on the enemies, Callsaults on strengths and the always recurring stealth missions, which in 2019 reflected some of the best moments of Modern Warfare.

In the upper part of this paragraph you can see a new teCaller of this content. Among the scenarios shown, an Callsault on a rappelling skyscraper and a camouflaged sniper between the grCalls, one of the most iconic prints of the franchise stands out. We know that on that mission we will visit Spain.

The future of Modern Warfare 2

The promotion is part of the Calendar of Modern Warfare 2 until October 28. The first stop will be the celebration of its Beta period during the second half of September. Two batches will allow players to enjoy an advance of multiplayer functions. First it will be in PlayStation between days 16 and 20; From September 22 to 26, on the other hand, all systems will do so. Cross game functions will already be enabled in the test.

Campaign, multiplayer… and Battle Royale. Warzone 2.0 is still planned by the end of this 2022 Call part of the Modern Warfare 2 ecosystem. We will know more during the presentation of Call of Duty Next.