In the battle royal game Apex Legends , it is now an indispensable legend Valkyrie . It seems that the official tournament ALGS 2022 Championship , which determines the top of the world held the other day, also seemed to have hit the amazing pick rate.


Valkyrie is required to win?

Valkyrie, who appeared from the season Hero’s trajectory , is a legend with one and only flight ability. The stable area movement of the Ultimate Ability Sky High Dive matches the game nature of Battroi, and has been useful for a long time.

In addition, Valkyrie’s presence is enormous in the competition scene where professionals can compete. According to Legend Picklet released in ALGS 2022 Championship, the amazing number 98.02 % was recorded as of the second day. When the next point Gibraltar is 70.07 % , you can see the high evaluation.

The players who saw the numbers were surprised, saying, Valkyrie’s pick rate is abnormal and grass and Valkyrie is completely meta character. At present, it is certain that top players in Japan and overseas consider Valkyrie to be essential.

In addition, Mr. Josh Medina , a senior producer of the same work, also responded over the pick rate. On Twitter, What Makes VALK THIS IMPORTANT is so important that Valkyrie is so important) .

The feeling that the environment will change drastically in the future

However, on the other hand, there is an atmosphere where the structure is gradually being resolved in the tournament. Legends such as Shea and Watson , which had low picks in the competition scene so far, have been prominent, and the prestigious NA region TSM FTX is Mad Maggie. I was trying .

Josh Medina also suggested on Twitter that he is considering some measures for the current environment. On July 11, Working on it Best Believe (currently ongoing) for tweets related to meta posted by dunc **, the staff of TSM FTX. *

In addition to Valkyrie, Dunc also listed the name of Gibraltar and covers , so the next adjustment candidate may be around here. Alternatively, there may be a new legend to change the current meta.

What kind of stone will be thrown in the strongest of Valkyrie? Let’s look forward to the official announcement.