If you are interested in the Dealer update to Bitlife, there is now a little known. The dealer update is one of the four updates released after the Bitlife entrepreneur, also known as business . Based on previous tasks, we assume that the dealer update will be the expansion of the Bitlife criminal system. We can get one new job (dealer), new achievements and, possibly, new actions in the section Crimes.

With this expansion, players can potentially sell drugs, such as grass, and trade on the streets using a function similar to the work of Street Hustler. So far this assumption we based this on the fact that the description of the dealer in the package of tasks describes the following: Create your own weed empire! . What entails the creation of the marijuana empire at the moment is not entirely known, but we assume that this will happen in some form of sale of marijuana and its spread on the streets in Bitlife.


Some other functions may include avoiding the presence of the police and the fight against local gangs, but we cannot be sure that any of these functions will enter the final update, since we have only description of the work for information. Because of this, we recommend that some of these potential functions with distrust.

when will Bitlife Dealer update?

At the time of writing, the Bitlife Dealer update has just appeared in the list of future tasks for Bitlife. Because of this, there is no current release date for the package of tasks and the date of its addition to Bitlife.

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