Which are the most crucial? .

When Christoph Kern meets BFV Head for an online meeting, the colossal bookcase catches the eye alongside his white shirt as well as glasses with the narrow edges. In fact, according to the new BFV Head of state, others should judge him. The materials of the substantial furniture disclose something about his personality, for instance that Kern suches as to read the novels with the strange inspector Kluftinger. After all, the physician of legislation was himself a public prosecutor in Kluftinger’s residence town of Kempten. Many other tomes decorate the walls: Helmut Kohl’s mins, legal non-fiction publications and a caricature of Kern himself. Apparently the Franconian can additionally grin regarding himself. He had actually already carried out a feature early on, where there is naturally little to laugh regarding: as an umpire.
|* A specific capability to mediate is essential both as a Head of state and as a mediator. When I began whistling at the age of 14, I wasn’t that far in my development-but after that I took it. In brief, if I had not grabbed the whistle, I wouldn’t have ended up being president.

? .

There’s an unbelievable quantity to do, I’m acquainting myself, putting together my schedule for the next couple of weeks, going out to the clubs, making calls. Existence is very essential to me, right from the begin.

National football really did not have the very best picture of late, additionally because of the situation at the DFB. The BFV inhabits a very revealed setting, especially in the media perception-and I suggest that in a positive method. On the whole, we have an image that we can improve, but it’s not existentially poor.

Mr. Kern, to what level do you need to be an arbitrator as President? .

The BFV has actually an exposed placement.

Christopher Kern.


What do you imply? .

The question likewise focused on the photo as a divided organization. .

Of all, that I get a lot of tailwind as well as approval from the election. Apparently I wasn’t that incorrect with my vision, that’s encouraging. It is much a lot more essential that we are perceived as an association.

Just how do you intend to boost it? .

Just how concentrated have you been in your very first couple of weeks? .

We are placing the concentrate on ladies, we can no much longer pay for to ignore half our populace.

Christopher Kern.

True, the organization was also perceived negatively. But we ought to absolutely separate right here.

We need to come close to the concerns in a different way, take clubs and also members with us. And also we require absolute openness. To do this, we need to answer the inquiries of the existing generation.

Don’t we even placed game days on Fridays to make it less complicated for households to plan their weekend breaks? Also, with our concentrate on women, we can no more manage to disregard half our population.

11. July 202253:04 minutes.

The 1991/92 season can supply all that and also much more, and also with it the very first episode of BFV Head history. The next episode of twist history will be released on July 18th.

Trailer: twist history.

1991/92 period: East teams, tension, Bayern crisis.


Nonetheless, the concept of sporting activity is that the master has to rise-also due to the planning protection… .

Yes, the two promo games after the end of the season are neither calculable nor predictable. If the champ in an amazing season ending is only identified on the last day of the game, early preparation is likewise not feasible for the clubs. The weighting for an independent regional league is more than the expansion of the Bavarian local organization.

From the coming season, clubs from the nationwide organization down might put advertising and marketing on the back of the jacket as well as the shorts. Why? .

The weighting for an independent regional organization is more than the expansion of the Bavarian local organization.

Christopher Kern.

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We have to maintain up with the moments and intend to give clubs the possibility to have even more t-shirt enrollers. Which is not a must. Far, there have only been limiting regulations, yet the demand from the clubs has increased.

no For the Bavarian regional league, our objective is for the self-reliance of the league to be offered better weight.

The adjustment of president created a clearly recognizable feeling of optimism. I feel that with our volunteers we have inspired people in our ranks that want to take on things with each other.

On the contrary. I know the policy from youth games that I refereed. The time charge has always existed there. It has actually constantly been an attempted as well as evaluated tool for me. If we see that it is an obstacle to advance, we will ask ourselves, along with the clubs, whether we need to keep it.

The champions of the Regionalliga Bayern have to play promotion video games once more this season. .

The champs of the Regionalliga Bayern have to play promo games once more this period. Is this for the organization? .

What is the current mood there? .

So the assimilation of the southern clubs of the Northeast season is not an option either? .

It is extremely vital to me that the Regionalliga Bayern remains in this type. At the end of the day, I bore with the reality that the master does not risen straight. The past couple of years have revealed the class and also capacity of Bayern. In 10 years, the organization offered 7 marketers.

The ten-minute fine is likewise back, thirty years after it was eliminated. Do not you assume this policy will create a lot more problem on the pitch? .

From the coming season, clubs from the nationwide league down may put advertising on the back of the jersey and the shorts. The ten-minute fine is also back, 30 years after it was eliminated. **.