Square Enix announced on July 6 that Valkyrie Profile-Lenas will be released on September 29 for PS4/PS5. The price is 2750 yen including tax.

Valkyrie Profile is an action RPG released for PS1 in 1999. It is the starting point of the Valkyrie series. The battle by the goddess Valkyrie is drawn in the world view based on the Scandinavian mythology. The concept of choosing players, such as the unique combat system where the combo is key, the selection system that changes the ending depending on their actions, and the spectacular and heavy story developed with death, has become popular.

In 2006, a 3D movie and a partially coordinated version of the contents were released on the PSP as Valkyrie Profile. This work will be ported for PS4/PS5 this time. As an additional factor, the introduction of convenient functions considering ease of play is mentioned. In addition to rewind and quick save, visual preset that allows you to select the screen display from your favorite ones will be implemented. Just because the selection is an important game, it seems that you can try various choices by having rewind and quick save.

Valkyrie Profile-Lenas- is being distributed on iOS/Android as well as PSP. However, the hardware to play was limited. The starting point of the series will be reprinted in accordance with the release of the latest work, Valkyrie Elucion.

Valkyrie Profile-Lenas- PS4/PS5 version will be released on September 29. The price is 2750 yen including tax. In addition to downloading, the download code will be included in the Valkyrie Elucion Collector’s Edition, which is sold for Square Enix e-Store.