Xenoblade 3 scheduled to be released on July 29 from Nintendo. In this work, Collector’s Edition, which is bundled by gorgeous benefits, is sold exclusively for My Nintendo Store. The luxurious version currently accepting reservations is scarce in the United States, and resale seems to be rampant. Overseas media Nintendo Life and others report.

Xenoblade 3 is the latest work of the Xenoblade series by Monolith Soft. As the struggle between the two hostile countries overheated, a magnificent story of life by six boys and girls belonged to each of them is drawn.

The Collector’s Edition of this work includes a package version of the game, a Nintendo Switch card case with a steel book specification, an original art book Xenoblade3 Collectored Works. An outer box that stores these is also included. It is sold exclusively for Mynintendo Store, and the price in Japan is 12,278 yen.

This Collector’s Edition is sold overseas only for My Nintendo Store. At the time of writing this article, it is sold out in several countries, but it is not discontinued, but is in stock at any time. And especially in the United States, fierce battle seems to be taking place. It was said that when it arrived, it was sold out immediately, and during this time, a message indicating the excess access was displayed during this time, and there were no problems that could not reach the cart, and there were no problems in the cart. It is now sold out.

In the Xenoblade series overseas, monolith software Tetsuya Takahashi, a general director, said that sales in North America and Europe were more than expected after the release of the previous work Xenoblade 2. (USGamer).

Xenoblade 3 is the latest work that will be released as the series gains popularity. In addition, Collector’s Edition has a luxurious benefit, and many fans seem to have flooded the My Nintendo Store to make reservations. However, it is in a scarce situation mentioned earlier, and many people are happy that they were secured on SNS, while others were disappointed that they could not make a reservation. Some people lament that the difficulty of making a reservation is too high, saying, Isn’t it Dark Soul in games reservations?

On the other hand, if you look at the auction site ebay, you can see many Collector’s Edition in the United States. It is an obvious resale because it is a reserved product and many exhibitions have a price of 30,000 to 40,000 yen in Japanese yen. You can also check the seller that has exhibited multiple. By the way, the price in the United States is $ 89.99 (about 12,200 yen). Apparently, one of the backgrounds that has become difficult to obtain at the Mynintendo Store is that the resellers are large.

The high resale of game-related products is a major problem, including the PS5 itself. I also hear that some vendors use bot to buy them. And now, the package version of the game seems to be the target of such a trader. Last year, there were some events that the luxurious version of Touken Ranbu Musou was instantly killed, and a series of high resale was repeated (related articles).

The Collector’s Edition of this work is still available in Japan. In addition, only the included benefits are also sold, and this is not sold out yet. Since the United States is the biggest market, it is unlikely that the supply is less than in Japan. Nevertheless, the extreme scarce means that there is such a large demand, and the resale will be serious. At the My Nintendo Store, there are up to two points per account, but this alone may not be enough for resale. It is hoped that the US Nintendo will further increase the supply so that all the desired fans can purchase at a fixed price.

Xenoblade 3 will be released on July 29 for Nintendo Switch.