[Mokpo Yeongsan Moon Young-soo] The Netmarble Cultural Foundation (Chairman Bang Jun-hyuk) is a total of 13 medals in the Netmarble Disabled Squad at the 2022 Yeongsan Kang Jeon-jung-jeongjojo Conference held at the Mokpo Yeongsan Joojeong Stadium on June 24 and 25, Silver 8, Dong 1) announced on the 28th.

The Yeongsan Kang Jeon-guk-do Coordination Competition, hosted by the Korea Disabled Coordination Federation and the Jeollanam-do Disabled Federation, is awarded the sports (awards, indoor), disabled types (delegation, vision, intellectual), gender (male, female, mixed) The competition was held with 11 sports and 15 details divided into high and general departments.

Five Netmarble Disabled Athletes participated in this tournament, and Choi Bum-seo (gold 2, silver 1), Kang Hyun-joo (gold 2), Kang Yi-sung (3), Han Eun-ji (3), Lee Seung-ju (1, 1, East 1) All of them have been able to achieve good results and prove once again.

Choi Bum-seo, a Netmarble Disabled athlete athlete, said, I was nervous because I had a long time since I played for a long time, but I am happy to have good results as I worked hard. We will also participate in the National Paralympic Sports Competition to show you good performance.

Meanwhile, the Netmarble Cultural Foundation founded the first disabled athlete’s team in March 2019 to promote the promotion of the disabled and the long-term independence of the disabled.

The Netmarble Disabled Squadron won the 13th medal as a single team in the 2019 National Disabled Sports Competition, followed by the 2019 Asian Coordination Championships, 2019 Chungju Tangeum Lake National Disability Coordination Competition, and 2019 Seoul Special Mayor. He has won medals in the National Disabled People’s Coordination Competition, the 2020 National Disabled Coordination Championships, and the 41st National Paralympic Sports Competition.