The Clash Royale Week is loaded with challenges by the hand of a great protagonist, the event of The Kingdom of the Skeleton Dragons in which we can win juicy rewards to continue raising our dragons level.

Below you will find the best skeleton dragons Here you have the decks that are most breastfeeding in Deckshop so you know what letters it is convenient to use and what strategy to win without problems in the new challenge of Clash Royale **.

The best Dragons delete Makes

Although the challenge of the Skeleton Dragons will be in charge of releasing these units behind the King’s tower automatically, we have sought the best mallets with this unit so that the synergies are as interesting as possible.

The departure gun we give with the noble giant as a winning condition and a collection of spells and units that are destined to support their attack from behind the bridge. Fire, Tronco, Prince and Lanzafuegos will do everything possible to clean the enemy defenses while the rest of the units are responsible for supporting as disguise.

We jump to a somewhat more chaotic deck, supported by the eggplants that can produce troops such as those generated by the cabin of elves and the cemetery. It is always fun to see how the enemy runs out of spells and is totally exposed to the horde attack.


It is time to play misleading without forgetting a defense in which the Skeleton Dragons can be key to stop threats next to the gentleman and barbarian tanking to the rest of the units. The trunk and poison are relatively cheap spells to stop the advance if the thing goes out of hand.

We close with one of the funniest combos of Clash Royale . Seeing the ram pushing the ice gólem to the cuisine of the enemy is always a joy, but to play with bandid and prince annihilating enemies while protecting both is one of those plays that, with enough elixir, can be devastating.

The launzafuegos continues to serve us to fight small hordes next to the Skeleton Dragons , the discharge and the fireball, but the explosion of the Gólem should be more than enough to leave the attack facing this type of enemies.