In addition to the new family relic of Valkyrie and Cosmetics, the APEX Legends Awakening Collection event also makes some important changes to the rating mode of the game. After a recent revision of the rating regime in updating the 13th season, developers make several more changes to further improve the gameplay.

Ranging updates APEX Legends will appear with the event Awakening Collection


divide reset change

To reset the ranks this season is softer, the reset for the upcoming split was changed from six to four divisions. This means that players go back to one rank instead of ordinary one and a half ranks.

The lower entrance cost

The cost of entering each rating match now requires 10 RP less in all divisions and levels. The following table shows the cost of the entrance (required by RP) for all ranks in the game after updating 13.1.

For the Masters rank, the base value of the entrance is now only 65 RP which increases with the total amount of RP, i.e. 5 RP for every 1000 RP over the threshold of masters and up to 175 RP.

more RP for a large number of murders

Players are awarded with a large number of RP for a large number of murders in the rating mode.

more RP for eliminating higher level players

Players who kill opponents of a higher rank than their own now have the right to a larger RP increase.

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