After the narrow failure in the promo race with Ulm in the regional league Südwest, the personal climb will follow for Heußer: from the coming season, the previous Nuremberg youth player will certainly place his footwear for SV Wehen Wiesbaden. In his previous job, Heußer played in the regional league for the 2nd depiction of the ssv as well as the club. In 141 video games he racked up 9 objectives as well as prepared 23 more.

SVWW is an extremely ambitious association

The SVWW is a really ambitious club, as well as I am really delighted that I can take the next step below in my growth, Heßer is priced quote on the club’s own website, I am actually anticipating the new difficulty in a greater organization as well as I actually feel like it.

After U 19-talent Dominik obtained a professional contract and also striker Suheyel Najar has been employed, heußer is the 3rd support in the Hesse squad.


He is an absolute group gamer both on and alongside the square, as well as we are encouraged that he has terrific growth potential, claimed Wiesbaden’s sporting supervisor Paul Fernie in the press release. He defines his novice as a vibrant midfielder that can increase the video game of SVWW artistically.