Individuals with specials needs: 100 euros.

In the recent past, FC Bayern demanded a quantity of 786.25 euros for this season ticket level, so that the additional charge would certainly be 23.75 euros. The reduced annual ticket must currently cost 415 euros.

For the 17 Bundesliga residence games, the fans for group 1 will certainly have to pay 810 euros in the future. For this, the association asked for 1,555 euros in classification. If you calculate the 5 payment for the ghost video games of 46.25 euros each, the amount of EUR 786.25 comes around.

For the 17 Bundesliga house games, the advocates for group 1 will need to pay 810 euros in the future. These are the best seats in the Allianz Arena. A VIP package is not included right here.

– Classification 5: Standing space: 160 euros.

category 2: 685 euros, minimized: 350 euros.

Alexander Salzweger, spokesperson for the organization of active fans of FC Bayern, lately revealed a favorable statement about the club’s cost plan. You still can not whine concerning FC Bayern’s ticket costs, specifically the annual tickets are extremely affordable, he told SPOX as well as objective.

FC Bayern apparently increases its season ticket costs. The annual tickets should come to be more costly in all readily available classifications.

group 1: 810 euros, minimized: 415 euros.

In the previous period, FC Bayern had actually only offered a season ticket from the sixth Bundesliga matchday because of the Corona pandemic. For this, the association requested 1,555 euros in classification. The quantity of EUR 786.25 comes about if you calculate the five repayment for the ghost games of 46.25 euros each.

category 3: 555 euros, decreased: 280 euros.

Trouble for the fans of FC Bayern: As Bild records, the costs for season tickets will certainly boost for the coming period.

The followers of FC Bayern additionally have to do even more in the other categories. From the 2022/23 season, the standing space period card must be approximated at 160 euros as opposed to 155.85 euros before.

FC Bayern validated the rate increase in a companion to the fans with the increase in the cost of living expenses (rounded up to 5 euros), reports Bild.

group 4: 375 euros, decreased: 195 euros.

the brand-new season ticket costs in the Allianz Arena according to Bild:.

FC Bayern warranted the price boost in a companion to the followers with the increase in the cost of living expenses (assembled to five euros), reports Bild. This value is 3.1 percent. The Munich rates draw in 2.93 percent.