… the game and whether that was 1-1: extremely difficult to claim that after the game. Despite whether fair or not, it was also little for us. We intended to win, know that Italy is in change not to have one or the other player on the pitch. We didn’t handle to bring our game to the square. We had inadequate intensity in our game. Maybe it was likewise due to the moisture..

… The future game against England: I hope that we win, obtain more strength on the pitch and also don’t make a lot of straightforward errors, have even much more tranquility in possession as well as play a little extra figured out to the front.

Joshua Kimmich regarding…

… his goal: That was definitely important. I still have the possibility to 2-1 later on, you can do it.

For the goal scorer Joshua Kimmich, the DFB team is insufficient in the DFB team in the Nations League against Italy. National coach Hansi Flick was missing and Thomas Müller criticized a lot of unforced mistakes The voices for the game atRTL _.

Notes: Bavaria’s problem despite having Flick Schwach-Italy has a new star

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… the game: over the whole game entire especially in specifically first half, it was striking that we show unconcentratedness reveal situations where circumstances doesn’t have does not be.

national instructor Hansi Flick concerning…

Joshua Kimmich regarding…

**… the game: Video game I think you can’t be can not as satisfied. We saw a team performance that is not our case. It was a well balanced game overall.

… Game control: Tomorrow we will certainly regrow. Monday we have the final training and then it enters a blow. I wish that we needed this game to enter as well as after that reveal much more intensity.

… The goal of Kimmich: A six that comes to the goal is good. Kai goes after, Jonas goes after, that’s the outcome.

Thomas Müller concerning…

… the game and video game and also was 1-1: very difficult to tough that after the game. ## national coach Hansi Flick regarding…

… the goal: It was a throw-in and a normal moving. We are too far away to stop the flank and I assume you can do the sphere in the center as well clear up.

… the game: Video game I think you can’t be can not as satisfied. … The objective of Kimmich: A six that comes to the objective is good. … Game control: ** Tomorrow we will restore. ## Thomas Müller regarding…

Roberto Mancini (national train Italy) regarding…

… the game: over the entire game and also specifically in the initial fifty percent, it was striking that we show unconcentratedness in situations where it doesn’t have to be. In tennis one would mention the spontaneous mistake. Italy won the ball and we made use of up grains. We began well, but then the game was abducted. We still need to do the 1-0. In the 2nd half it is comparable. A great deal of running, the Italians have it Well done, yet we are asserting to be more leading.

… his conclusion: I believe we need to pull a line under it. We educated well and today had a game that wasn’t that great. We wish to do that much better versus England.

… the game: I especially suched as just how the young talents appeared-agile versus Germany, one of the most effective teams worldwide. After the reluctant beginning, they located the essential looseness.

… the opponent: Because Italy became braver and put us under pressure at a very early phase, we had more tension. That also provided us ways to get out of high gossip. But that’s far inadequate for us succeded.