[Developer Mam Moon Young-soo] Neptune’s subsidiary XR Metabus Platform Developer Mam Society (CEO Chul-ho Yoo) participated in the information and communication fair held in Singapore on the 1st, and the 3D space construction solution company MOU was signed.

The Singapore Information and Communication Fair is Asia’s largest cloud computing broadcasting and telecommunications, satellite communication and next-generation information communication, various communication equipment and parts, and other IT products.

Ascent is a 3D space construction solution company located in Singapore’s mid-view City Sinming District, and is a virtual space based on 360 degrees of video. Based on the advanced VR technology, the company plans to expand its business to various fields such as introducing NFT to digital virtual space.

In particular, the two companies agreed to jointly study the technology of producing 3D digitaltwin methuses based on the 360-degree video taken by the accent to build 3D metabuses in Singapore. It is expected to be able to create synergy effects in various methus spaces throughout Singapore and meta-commerce.

This agreement is a good opportunity to lay the foundation for the entry into the local market in the Singapore market, said Yoo Chul-ho, CEO of Mam Mam Society. I said.

Meanwhile, Mam Mam Society launched a multi-access social meta bus platform ‘Galaxity: KOREA’, which was developed as a cross-platform technology last year, to Steam Store, Google Play, and Apple App Store. In May last year, he was invested in management rights from Neptune and was incorporated as a subsidiary of Neptune.