An update has now been made in V Rising, and it allows, in particular, to play on LAN, that is, to start an offline game directly at home with friends (or not).

What are the main changes in the update?
The leading prominent new feature in this 0.5.41448 update concerns the addition of an offline (LAN) mode that allows players to play V Rising without any connection. Players can enable this mode directly through the main game screen when starting a server.

Here are the other notable new features in the update:
The possibility of sending messages to the whole server: if maintenance is carried out, a warning message is sent so that the players can get to safety (in the coffin, for example). This feature can be used by hosts to send important messages to other players.
It fixed authentication bugs that prevented players from returning to specific servers.
Fixed various bugs like Soul Shard disappearing if placed in a container,
Players can no longer send the same minion on multiple hunts by placing various thrones.
Steam Cloud – You can now store V Rising server history. Autosave is enabled by default.
I have added server icons next to official server names for easy identification.
Added admin commands – to improve management of privately hosted servers.

How to play V Rising on LAN?
To play V Rising without an Internet connection, you need to follow these steps:
Start Steam
Log out in Steam (Steam -> Log Out…)
After that, you can disconnect from the Internet.
V Rising release
If you host a local server, you must start the server in LAN mode using the checkbox in the user interface or by beginning the dedicated server with the Lan parameter. If you connect to a LAN server, you must check the LAN Server box in the “Direct connection to server” window or by using the connection console command.