In two games for the championship in the second division, Rostock and Tübingen fought tight games. The first ones won the Seawolves with 81:73, and the second leg also narrowly went to the club with 78:77, which would start in the BBL in the coming season.

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“It was a very intense game, sometimes far above the border of what was allowed and also the sporty fair. I am incredibly proud of the team that they stayed together and did not impress the situation. How we in the second Halftime came back, how we fought how we stayed together – that is insane. This unconditional will to win distinguishes this team. In the end, this was decisive for success. That is why we are very happy about this victory and will now celebrate the championship properly “Coach Christian Held is quoted on the club website.

wildcard procedure is already running

Since, in addition to all current first division clubs, only Rostock, Jena, Trier and Bremerhaven had applied for the license for the BBL, the ascent was already fixed before the final. So after the success in the semi -finals against Jena, the Seawolves already had their ticket for the BBL. Anyone who is currently getting the second vacant starting place in the Bundesliga is still open, the wildcard procedure is currently underway.