Before the award ceremony after the DFB Cup final, there was a medical emergency on the edge of the Berlin Olympic Stadium.
A man near the photographer stands had to be treated on the sidelines of rescue workers.
According to the Berlin fire brigade, the person was successfully reanimated.
The man had pulse and breathing again and was taken to a hospital.
Brown towels were curious to block the view.
The award ceremony was initially delayed.
An ambulance drove to the stadium.
Almost 20 minutes later, the stadium spokesman said that the patient was “stable” and was taken to a hospital.
“We wish him a speedy recovery and say a big thank you to the rescue workers,” said the spokesman.

Leipzig holt den DFB-Pokal! Die Tore des Final-Krimis | MDR
Numerous spectators had switched on their cell phone light and kept up.
The cup handover should then take place