Independent development came to rescue the video game market from the lack of novelties, and V Rising has become the fashionable game on Steam. A vampire adventure that comes in the form of an ARPG and is currently only available to PC gamers. However, not a few Xbox, PlayStation, or Nintendo Switch players wonder what they can expect from their platforms. No one wants to miss out on a big title, and even less so in a time of drought.

Will V Rising be released on consoles?
The first thing we need to know is that V Rising is not currently available on any console. However, that is not the worst of the situation. Most of the games released in early access format do so with a temporary exclusivity on PC. This is not a universal truth but a standard modus operandi. Focusing on a single platform is much easier, and computers offer more facilities to developers, especially in a genre like this.

The worst news for PlayStation, Xbox, or Nintendo Switches gamers is that the plan for a port is not even in sight. Indeed, we should not close any possibility since both the ARPG genre and many titles that were not initially planned for more than desktop platforms have managed to leap. However, with an Early Access release on May 17th, it will be long before the game reaches those platforms.

V Rising is not yet compatible with a controller.
The thing that makes us most pessimistic about a V Rising release on consoles is that it doesn’t even support a controller. V Rising is not yet compatible with a controller. The developers have considered that the best way to enjoy the game is with a keyboard and mouse, ensuring that even players less familiar with this system were able to adapt during their tests. So while it’s possible to plug in an Xbox, PlayStation, or Switch controller and have it work, not even all the shortcuts can be configured.

As in all cases, the final decision will depend on the community. If V Rising can stay in shape, be a long-term success, and players keep asking for it to be released on consoles or to be able to use a controller, it may happen. However, everything will depend on how it resists the passage of time.