[ESG Committee Moon Young -soo reporter] NHN is starting to strengthen ESG management.

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NHN (CEO Jung Woo -jin) announced on the 17th that it will establish a dedicated ESG organization at the group level and promote ESG management strategy. The new ‘ESG TF’ is operated directly under the representative of NHN, Jung Woo -jin, and consists of employees of the relevant department leaders and practical promotions in each area of environment, society, and governance.

At the same time, NHN established the ‘ESG Conference’ to expand ESG management throughout the group company. NHN headquarters, NHN AD, NHN Academy, NHN Big Foot, NHN Bucks, NHN Cloud, NHN Commerce, NHN Data, NHN Duray, NHN Edu, NHN Enterprise, NHN Korea Cyber Payment, NHN Payco, etc. The representatives of 14 group companies will participate.

NHN plans to systematically promote ESG strategies and areas, focusing on new organizations. The ESG conference takes on the role of inheriting ESG management throughout the NHN group and encouraging each company’s practice and achievements. The ESG TF will establish and manage short -term and mid- to long -term tasks for each department according to the ESG management strategy roadmap.

Earlier, NHN established the ESG Committee under the board of directors in March and began preparing to strengthen ESG management. The ESG Committee consisted of three outside directors to enable objective and professional and risk management, and was chairman of Hanyang University Computer Software. The committee will deliberately deliberate on major strategies and policies related to ESG management based on independence, and check the performance of the tasks.

The ESG Committee, held on the 9th, decided to establish a dedicated ESG organization and establish a NHN ESG promotion strategy. In accordance with the results of the committee, NHN’s ESG promotion strategy is to grow regional and SME through technology ▲ realize business value based on the spirit of people and partner -oriented corporate spirit It is contained.

This year, NHN has declared its full -fledged ESG management and continues to carry out various internal and external activities where all employees participate. The company is expanding the training of local IT talent, focusing on the NHN Academy Gyeongnam Campus, which was opened in March, and continues to develop employee participation donations and sharing campaigns for the community. In addition, in order to establish employee -oriented corporate culture, the company has expanded various welfare benefits such as growth support system, and has expressed its willingness to strengthen its shareholders’ return policy and actively communicate through its first shareholders.

In addition, NHN is carrying out ESG management in various ways, including efforts to reduce energy through eco -friendly urban data centers and office spaces, and will publish a sustainable management report that contains such ESG management results.

Chung Woo -jin, CEO of NHN, said, “We expect to be a bridgehead for the greater growth and vision of the next stage.” “We will actively operate a dedicated organization to establish NHN’s unique ESG value.”