Mr. Janelt, according to your coach Thomas Frank you are not the best obligation of the club history of FC Brentford. Can you live with it?

Yes, of couse. I can think that he meant.

The “Best Commitment of Club History” is a certain Christian Eriksen, according to Frank.

That’s no surprise.

Eriksen signed in January at Brentford because he was no longer allowed to play in the Serie A at Inter due to his defibrillator.

That was a blessing for us. With his experience, with his quality he does us well, everyone sees us. He is an enrichment for all, and it’s no coincidence that we won each game with him in the starting eleven. I’m totally happy that I stand together with him on the square.

Against Newcastle (0: 2) Eriksen debuted at the end of February for half an hour, in the week he stood at 3-1 in Norwich in the starting eleven. What makes him so good that it has been going well since then?

His beveragekeit is brutal. Recently he beaten a flank, which can only be made on the PlayStation – and he does that with the weak foot! His presence in the square triggers something, to its rest on the ball, you can play it in every situation. Christian does not even print when he has pressure.

He has top integrated and is a very pleasant guy, not in the batch arrogant.

Vitaly Janelt About Christian Eriksen

Say: Eriksen is now primarily the footballer Eriksen and not only the Feel-Good story after the drama at the em?

And he wants that too. After his idea on the first day he said directly: “Guys, do not worry, if you have any questions, come to me, I like to explain everything. But let’s play football here.” He has top integrated and is a very pleasant guy, not in the approach arrogant.

You yourself contribute a non-insignificant part to the success story. Recently, you have extended your contract until 2026 and a day later achieved a double pack at the sensational 4: 1 victory at Klubweltmeister Chelsea.

The 48 hours were not so wrong. _ (smiles) _ We have been in conversations since January, but first wanted to focus on athletic. And when it ran better again, we finalized the contract. Let’s say so: Friday and Saturday was great fun.

They changed in October 2020 from VFL Bochum to the then second division to West London. How did you come to the contract extension?

At that time I signed “only” by 2024 and then a very big contribution to the climb. And it is actually most of the way that you look at two years before the end of the contract in which direction it goes: extend or sell? I signals that I want to feel very comfortable and extend. Meanwhile, many power carriers have extended.

Because Christian Nörgaard hurt himself in the preseason, they were allowed to prove themselves quickly, meanwhile they call their teammate Ivan Toney with a wink “Ronaldinho”. How have you experienced the so far about one and a half years?

Nobody would probably have two years ago – not my old club, my current club, my family, my girlfriend or me – counted with this development. My consultant had a good sense. Now the irreeal has become real, I would say. Alone the climb with these tingling play-offs was a crazy experience. There was a pressure in the crucial game, it was about hundreds of millions of euros. Now the year in the Premier League, with the on and abs. Everything is there, and it’s great fun.

Brentford will pretty sure keep the class, despite a small budget in the league comparison with comparatively little transfer spending. How did that?

We bring players with development potential, so it was with me too. The majority of the team already played together last year, with us everyone knows what he has to do on the court. Everyone makes his job, no one is arrogant. Even Ivan (Toney, Best Torobäger, d. Red.) Is the ways and defends in your own sixteen.

Between the beginning of January and early March, Brentford won not a single league game, slipped into 17th 17th place. How did the club deal with this crisis?

Our goalkeeper (David Raya) was long unusual, Ivan has meanwhile missing. Of course, we can not replace our service providers. In the difficult phase, however, we have held together, and against Norwich we had a kind of final in early March, have it – even thanks to a system conversion to 4-3-3 – won and a run. Sometimes it just needs a success experience.

They act as a sixth time on the eight. Where does the coach look like?

I am a classic six, no one-counter-one player. I get more about my power, my physique and ball distribution. Just my power is on the eight but also benefits from time to time; That I do deep routes and go to the dangerous z1. I get an ever better feeling for the position.

The 2: 0 for the prelude to Arsenal, a 3: 3 against Liverpool or the 4: 1 at Chelsea: What were the highlights in the previous season?

I could take every game, but the 2-0 against Arsenal I would highlight. The euphoria at that time, the floodlight to the starting game, a derby and then the mood. Everything was fine.

I think he has me on the screen.

Vitaly Janelt via Hansi Flick

At 3: 3 against Liverpool, when they also met, Hansi was on-site. He will certainly have also registered their double pack against Chelsea.

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I randomly met him when we played at Arsenal in February. Since he went over the way in the tunnel, and we squatted briefly.

about your chances in the national team?

It was more of a bit of Smalltalk, as he went and why he was at all on site. And because Bernd Leno sat at Arsenal on the bench, it had to be about me. He also confirmed that. Unfortunately, I have just been playing in the game for the first time when I was fit, did not play from the beginning, but was replaced early.

There have been contact with the national coach since then?

No, but I think he’s on the screen.

What would you say if in the summer despite the recent contract renewal a Bundesligan knock on?

I’m completely relaxed there. What comes, that comes, but I’m not waiting for an offer. There were inquiries from the Bundesliga and other great leagues before the extension. Currently I am happy in Brentford.