Before the game on Saturday against VfL Wolfsburg (15:30 / SKY) Borussia Dortmund plagues some injury worries. Chef trainer Marco Rose confirmed at the press conference before the game that Start-Tower Erling Haaland is not completely fit.

“He can not be painless after his injury in the international space break. Surely there is something broken, I saw a photo, as the foot stood 90 degrees to the leg,” Rose continued to say that the Norwegian “very, Very professionally “with swelling.

During the week, the 21-year-old trained with the rest of the team. “He bites his teeth and possibly takes a tablet before the game and then that should work too. That would be more important in our situation with the failures,” Rose explained.

At five regular players, the BVB is likely to renounce. According to Rose, Mats Hummels, Gio Reyna, Donyell Paint, Mahmoud Dahoud and probably also Raphael Guerreiro are not available. The coach can resort to Nico Schulz again.

Yellow lock threatening: Rose does not want to spare anyone for Bayern-duel

To Dahoud Rose said, “Mo has turned out the shoulder, it was made a MRI, it will take a few days, we will treat it conservative, wait until the pain is gone and then integrate it into training.”

Rose does not intend to consider the following Bundesliga summit meetings at the FC Bayern Munich in the coming week. Emre Can, Axel Witsel and Marius Wolf would be locked at the next yellow card. They should not be spared.

The BVB wants reparation for the 1: 4-fold last against RB Leipzig: “The fans were rightly angry. We have on Saturday the chance to prepare the fans another afternoon than against Leipzig, with a suitable result.”

team accompanied the PK in the live blog. The most important statements for reading:

+++ Rose via Haaland +++

“Haaland can not be painless after his injury in the country breaking break. Surely there is something broken. I saw a photo, as the foot stand 90 degrees to the leg. Together with the player, it’s a solution to be a solution. He has a solution Very professionally tried to deal with swelling. It is not everything optimal, but it gets better. After the Stuttgart game it is swolly, but it will strain it for a while. He trained the week, biting the teeth and takes up the teeth and takes before the teeth Game maybe a tablet and then that should work. That would be more important in our situation with the failures. “

+++ Rose over the VFL Wolfsburg +++

“This is a team with quality that did not change so great after the CL qualification. The double burden is already making something with a team. These are topics that coach always have to deal with, but at some point the head comes to it when it comes to it Not running. Wolfsburg had to be stiffened and stabilized under Florian Kohfeldt. With the 4: 0 against Bielefeld was neatly self-confidence. After the last home game we want to occur significantly differently. “

+++ Rose via Otto Addos World Cup mission with Ghana +++

“We have enjoyed his success and Otto has already told pair of exciting stories, as such a World Cup qualifier expires in Africa. His opinion remains important in Dortmund.”

+++ Rose over the BVB talents +++

“We come to a phase in which squad decisions are made. Of course we look at our talented players in the U19 and U23. Nevertheless, the step towards the professionals is very big. It must be carefully planned and tackled. It must be a good one Communication behind it. The players can handle well. For a place in the first team you have to qualify and that must always be something special. But they should also have room to unfold. “

+++ Rose via Bynoe Gittens +++

“He has made a good impression in the summer before he injured himself. We decided to build him gently and to give him a rhythm. He is a perspective player who gives us qualities in the 1-counter-1 so may not have. He is a player of the future and still has a lot with the U19. We see him in the long term with the professionals and that will be the case again and again in the next few weeks. In summer he should take the step to the first team make. Very good, the boy. “

+++ Rose via Xaver Schlager +++

“Xaver is a great boy. At that time, together with him and Salzburg, the Youth League won and he was my captain. He is a very, very ambitious type and a superb footballer who works against the ball and is ready for the team width Ways to go. Also his strategic skills are strong. In addition to the place he is also a pleasant guy. He is a player who liked to have in the team. “

+++ Rose via Wolfsburg +++

“Wolfsburg is only part of the relegation battle. Wolfsburg has dropped a little bit with the victory against Bielefeld. Before that, there were some scarce defeats. In winter, they have made smart decisions and stabilized. It remains a good team that remains a good team Year for the Champions League qualified. “

+++ Rose over the disappointed fans in the last home game +++

“The fans were roughly angry against RB Leipzig. We were looking forward to their return and could not play as we presented ourselves. We want to make it different on Saturday and give the fans a better afternoon. This is our task and Must be our goal. “

+++ Rose over possible yellow locks against Bavaria

“That does not matter in our plans. We need a certain basic reason for Wolfsburg and absolutely want to win.”

+++ Rose about the goals of the last games +++

“We’re not going to end the season and have even goals. For us it is about finishing the season in the best possible way. The last impression takes a piece of far in the summer and takes into the next season. We are Borussia Dortmund, Want Win games and meet them. “

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+++ Rose gives personnel update +++

“Mo Dahoud has turned out the shoulder. He will be a few days and we will treat the injury conservative. We have to look at how his pain develops and when we can get him back into training. Mats Hummels and Gio Reyna fall out. Nico Schulz is again an option, with Felix passlack we do not know yet. Raphael Guerreiro still has problems. With him there is the tendency that he will fail. Donyell painting was not in training and falls out. “

+++ The PK starts +++

Marco Rose has taken place and now faces the questions of the press.

+++ Wolfsburg a welcome guest +++

The BVB is the absolute intervention of the VfL Wolfsburg. Most recently, the wolves in January 2018 brought a point against BVB. The last victory was the DFB Cup final in 2015. Since then it hailed in 13 games twelve defeats. In the first leg, the Rose-Eleven sat by 3: 1.

+++ BVB talents at the professionals +++

After the U19 the black yellow already secured the championship in the West Season, several talents were allowed to train with the professionals. Jamie Bynone Gittens, who stood in Stuttgart for the first time in the squad Roses, as well as Tom Rothe and Lion Semic stood in the week next to Reus and Co. on the training place. Abdoulaye Kamara, which is used in the U23, was at the start. The chances on the first Bundesliga minutes are currently as high as the staff’s care of the Borussia as never as the current season.

+++ Injury Misere continues +++

In Stuttgart, the BVB had to replace several players injury due to injury. For Gio Reyna, who took a tendon and muscle injury after a few seconds, the season is already over. Mats Hummels is missing for several weeks due to a thigh injury and at Mahmoud Dahoud is not clear how hard his shoulder violation is. But he will definitely miss the game against the VfL Wolfsburg. According to the “Ruhr news”, Raphael Guerreiro is still the hope that he can be used on Saturday. Donyell painting will probably have to fit again. The Dutchman is laboratory on a tendon’s relationship.