Germany v Faroe Islands WC Playoff
Alfred Gislason renounced his beloved red wine ritual. The national coach who enjoys a glass of red wine after large and important victories, despite the practically safe World Cup tickets, did not mean the meaning of prohibiting celebrations.

“It is billed when it is over,” Gislason said after the sovereign, but little glamorous 34: 26 success of the German handball players against the Faroe Islands in Kiel and immediately took the second leg on Saturday (8 pm, live! At Alfred Gislason) in Torshavn The visor: “That will be a hot dance there on the island.”

Even if the players around Captain Johannes Golla barely doubt about the World Cup qualifier, the experienced coach warned: “We are not through, that’s clear.” On Saturday, his team must be “properly gas. We must not underestimate and think: ‘We are already through.’ We are not that. “

Defense unusual holey

The final-round participation, of course, also knows Gislason, is unlikely to rather in danger on the business trip to the architecture in the North Atlantic, but the DHB coach wants to keep up the tension in his team: “We drive to win with the default and better Playing as in the first leg. “

In fact, the appearance of the German team was little intoxicating on Wednesday evening – and struggled with Gislason noticeably on the mood. Instead of declassifying the internationally a second-class opponent in front of a local audience, which would have been undoubtedly possible in the second half, the upholstery in the end melted on eight gates.

Above all, the defense was unusually holey. 26 goals at 17 (!) Balls held by goalkeeper Andreas Wolff are clearly too much. Vote problems in the interior block paired with unconcentrities consistently exploited by the bold but by no means fearing ferry greaters.

Gislason: “Much did not fit right”

With the result, also the emphasized Gislason, he “agree, but much has not fit really”. Especially with the defensive performance in the “expable” 6: 0 cover, the Icelander, the 3: 2: 1 formation with Youngster Julian Köster on the top worked “much better” works. But also the “ten technical mistakes in front” were “too much” to the national coach.

Gislason also causes two of his backparters, so playmaker Yuri Knorr and left-handed Kai Häfner are still questionable for the second leg. “Yuri has a really violent horse kiss, Kai is kinked,” Gislason said.

Häfner belonged with his five hits in the first leg to the best scorers of DHB selection, Knorr provided his explosive two-fight for fresh wind in the second half. If you fail, the DHB team “a giant problem”, says Gislason.