The BFC Dynamo has already denied eight games this year, the Northeast Primus was allowed to breathe at the regional cup weekend. The way to the 3rd league appears at an eight-point lead on Carl Zeiss Jena, but the table picture is wrong.

“We are not allowed to forget Lok Leipzig,” says Christian Beck in the cup weekend interview. “They are eleven points behind us, but also have three catch-up games to complete.” The 34-year-old mid-terminal is in the current season of the continuous burner in the team of the Berliner. The Routinian was on the lawn in all previous 30 games and performs the scorer list with 19 hits.

“The last two games are in themselves again”

“We play a very, very good season. We do not want to give room 1 anymore,” is the clear requirement Becks. With such a strong round, “certainly none” expected, but condensation and cohesion rinsed the BFC Dynamo in the table entirely upwards.

Chemnitz, Rathenow, Jena, Auerbach, Tennis Borussia, Fürstenwalde, Berlin AK and Altglienicke now are called the coming opponents. Beck’s rating of the restogram? “That will be brutally difficult. In this league there is no light opponents. In the first leg we have only one point against Optik Rathenow _ (1: 1, note d. R.) _ Get. We have to take every game seriously, The last two games then have it again. ” Beck’s hope again: “Maybe we are already through.”

After that, the promotion games against the north-first of the ticket for the 3rd league stand in the way. Criticism exercises Beck at the Association In view of the scheduling of these two lots: “From the German Football Association, the dating of the promotion games was not quite as clever. We have to wait two weeks after our last season game, the North Master only a week. That would have been one can solve differently. “

Rising games against Oldenburg?

BFC-Zittersieg in hochklassigem Derby: BFC Dynamo - Hertha BSC II | RL Nordost | OSTSPORT.TV

Beck believes that the VFB Oldenburg “the best cards” in the northern scale. Currently, the Lower Saxony have six points ahead of Holstein Kiel II, which has a game less held.

No matter how the opponent is called and regardless of the “from year to year more” painful bones: Beck is also as a 34-year-old even ambitious enough to determine: “With a possible rise, it is a great incentive, again in the 3. Play league. ” There he scored in 176 games 62 results and occupies place in the eternal ruler list nine.

But until he can increase this account, there is still a good way to go regional league. This leads the BFC Dynamo on Saturday to the Gellertstraße on the table fortified Chemnitzer FC.

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