EREN DINKCI remains faithful to the SV Werder. About the term of the new working paper, the Bremen made no information.

The 20-year-old moved in 2019 from the SC Borgfeld to the performance center of the SV Werder Bremen. At the end of 2020 he debuted at Bremens 1: 0 success in Mainz in the Bundesliga and achieved a few moments after his interiors the winning goal. In the current season he comes to 17 assignments in the 2nd league.

Dinkci: “Here is my home, here I grew up”

“I do not have to emphasize what Werder and Bremen mean for me. Here is my home, here I grew up. Therefore, I’m glad that I can lead me here in the coming years before these fans and play – hopefully then in The 1st League again “, Dinkci is quoted on the club website.

Eren Dinkci - FW - 2001 - Werder Bremen

Werder has taken over the spreadsheet with the latest 1: 1 against Sandhausen on the weekend and is the best way to create direct rewriting into the Bundesliga.

“He had a turbulent start of his young professional career. His first goal in the first Bundesliga game, then the descent with Werder and now the rebuilding. To process everything is often not so easy for a young player,” says Clemens Fritz, Head of ProfiFussball and scouting at Werder. “Eren, however, did that super been and constantly worked on his development. Therefore, we are pleased that he will continue to wear the jersey of Werder.”