Windhorst has invested a total of 374 million euros in the club since mid-2019 and acquired 64.7 percent of the shares in Hertha BSC KGaA (limited partnership on shares). The shares holds Peil Investment B.V., a subsidiary of Tennor Holding B.V Group. According to information from “Business Insider”, a few days ago a notary from Amsterdam at Hertha reported and in a mail the foreclosure auction of the Dutch Peil Investment B.V. announced. If peil investment was auctioned, the shares in Hertha would also be auctioned. The notary should have turned to the club to explore the value of the shares. Background, according to the magazine, a financial bottleneck Windhorsts should have been in the summer of 2020. The S4 Limited, a company based on the Isle of Man, has granted Windhorst at the time a short-term loan of 25 million euros. “Business Insiders” writes with reference to the Dutch court files that Tennor “granted as a security for the payment and repayment of the loan amount (…) of the S4 Limited a lien (…) on all shares in the capital of Peil Investment”.

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In the judicial files, it’s definitely means that Tennor failed to repay the required amount on time and completely. It was then tried to get the balance over the legal right. On April 1, 2021, the “Landbank Amsterdam” decided on behalf of the king that a notary had to organize and carry out a foreclosure auction, in which “Peil Investment is sold and handed over to the most bidder”.

Now, a year later, the matter – apparently through the call of a notary in Berlin – gets a new momentum. Windhorst spokesman Andreas Fritzenkötter said the shares Peil on Wednesday evening: “The shares Peil Investment are neither pledged nor threatens a foreclosure.” The process described by “Business Insider” does not correspond to the current facts, but has long since done, “Fritzenkötters explained. “The alleged confirmation of the notary, have initiated preparations for foreclosure auction, does not exist. From the law firm Noerr (Europe-wide commercial law firm based in Munich, d. Red.) Let’s know that the notary will be his letter in this matter as error and Has withdrawn errors immediately. “